Sekolah Sri Garden


Sekolah Sri Garden is now functioning as Taylor's International School (KL branch).


Founded in 1991, Sekolah Sri Garden was the first private school in Malaysia to achieve ISO9001 and United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) certification. It is a co-educational private institution within the Taylor's Education Group.

Since January 2011, the school has been phasing out its Malaysian curriculum classes as part of its transformation into a fully international school. The process will be completed in 2016.

Teaching and Learning

Sekolah Sri Garden follows the National Curriculum. All three key languages, English, Malay and Mandarin are given equal emphasis. The students are prepared to sit for national examinations, including UPSR at Standard 6, PMR at Form 3 and SPM at Form 5. Academic guidance is given to students through regular career counselling sessions to ensure they choose the best subject options necessary to continue studies at pre-university levels.

The school programme engages the students through the Six Dimensions (Social, Cultural, Economics, Political, Technology and Learning) in the application of their knowledge and skills, which will help prepare them to become productive leaders in the global community.

"Teachers at Sri Garden are hand picked from diverse backgrounds and trained in various international level teaching programmes to ensure they deliver high education experience to students. This now includes an increasing number of expatriate teachers to guide and develop their international curriculum.

School programme is characterised by knowledge acquisition, knowledge creation and knowledge sharing through a dynamic structure that encompasses academic and co-curricular pursuits. Sri Garden is a member of Taylor's Group since 2012."


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