Begin young at heart on the act of charity

July 14, 2016

Fairview’s empowering the effort of giving back to the society. 

Fairview One

In June 2016, Fairview International School celebrated the end of the year with a prize giving ceremony and a concert annually called Honours Day. This academic year saw a full scholarship of RM 17 500 going to a grade 9 student who achieved a full score in her academic performance.  In addition, awards were given out to Top Scholars, Global citizens, Outstanding Achievement, sports teams and to those who represented the school in Sports and games. Students who had been with the school since Kindergarten were recognized as well.

With the strength of the faculty of staff, it goes without saying that students perform well academically. The IB Diploma programme students have scored above the world average very year. Over 75% scored above 35 points and 16 % scored above 40 out of a maximum of 45 in the year 2016. The average was 36.5 as compared to others with 35 or less.

In conjunction with Honours Day, Fairview donated RM 10000 each to the Japan Foundation as a toen to alleviate the sufferings and losses of the tsunami and the National Kidney Foundation.  The money was raised through the annual charity carnival, an event which sees parents, staff and students working together to forge the tripartite relationship while working for a good cause.

Fairview offers no less than RM 2.5 million in scholarships and sponsorships for various causes a year in their small effort to give back to society. Why not start with Fairview to build your child’s heart?