Tenby International School


International School




International Primary Curriculum (IPC)
British National Curriculum


Primary: RM 15,000 - 25,000
Secondary: RM 15,000 - 25,000


Max 24 students



"Tenby Schools are a member in the Council of International Schools (CIS). This private school is the only school in Malaysia with a local curriculum that has achieved this membership.

Students in both the private and international schools interact with each other freely and this has resulted in a higher English command for the students that are in local curriculum string.

Tenby Schools offer French and Mandarin languages to its students and students are required to choose to study one language at the beginning of every year.

Tenby School also provides cookery rooms for students who are interested in culinary. Additionally, it provides a medical department for its students.

The school has students from various locations and as such, the school has a list of transporters to provide safe and convenient journeys for students, and peace of mind for parents.

The final point which is worth mentioning is their competitive fees with regards to the facilities are provided. Policy makers at Tenby school believe that students should be happy about going to school and that would boost the quality of learning."


Tenby International School was founded in Ipoh in 1960 by expatriate planters, miners and soldiers who wanted to ensure that their children received high quality education based on a traditional British system.

The school is named after the founding principal, Mrs. Dorothy Nelson-Doig’s hometown, Tenby, a small fishing village in Wales.

With a vision of "A United World at Peace- through Education", Tenby Schools aim to nurture and educate young minds with a core value that includes life long learning, respect, sensitivity to cultural diversity and effective communication. 

With campuses located all around Malaysia, Tenby schools are located in Ipoh, Penang, Shah Alam, Miri and Johor.

Teaching and Learning

The school offers an international student-centred programme for students from Early Years to Secondary (age 3 to 18), with the primary and secondary schools operating on the same campus. 

In the Secondary School, the school follows the National Curriculum for England appropriately modified for international students.

Tenby also offers English as the medium of instruction with high standards of English across all aspects of the curriculum. They also offer modern approaches to teaching and learning emphasising the active involvement of students in their own learning. There provide rigorous international assessment through Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).


With campuses located across Malaysia, Tenby International Schools sets a high standard for the facilities provided to students. Wheheter it be the network of classrooms and learning spaces for science and arts or the recreational facilities to provide a balance lifestyle to students,

Tenby aims to create a hollistic and conducive environment in which students can learn and grow at their own pace.

Tenby International School - Ipoh (Boarding)
16 Persiaran Meru Utama
Bandar Meru Raya
30020 Ipoh
Telephone: 605-525 2628
Fax: 605-2429261
Email: [email protected]

Tenby International School - Penang campus
Sekolah Sri Tenby Senior
No. 2, Lintang Lembah Permai 1, 
Tanjung Bungah,
11200 Pulau Pinang
Telephone: +604 892 7777
Fax: 04 - 899 8826
Email: [email protected]

Tenby International School - Setia Eco Park campus
No. 1, Jalan Setia Tropika U13/18T,
Seksyen U13,
40170 Shah Alam,
Telephone: +603 3342 1535
Fax: +03-3344 2292
Email: [email protected]

Tenby International School - Miri campus
Jalan Pantai,
Piasau Camp,
98000 Miri,
Telephone: +6085 491 526
Email: [email protected]

Tenby International School 
7, Jalan Laman Setia Utama 
Taman Setia Utama 
81550. Johor Bahru 
Telephone: +6019 7198 810/ 7188 812
Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.tenby.edu.my

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