Yayasan TM Minor Scholarship 2013

Yayasan TM welcomes students who fulfil the qualifications and terms of application to apply for the Yayasan TM Minor Scholarship 2013.


      28 February 2013


  • Open to all students who are studying in Form 1 and Form 4 in fully government-aided schools. 

  • Candidates in Form 1 must obtain 5A in UPSR 2012.

  • Candidates in Form 4 must obtain at least 6A in PMR 2012.

  • Active in co-curriculum activities.

  • Gross family income of not more than RM1,500 per month.


  • Form 1 students: Pocket Allowance of RM1,000 per year
  • Form 4 students: Pocket Allowance of RM1,500 per year

 Sponsored students will also be given the opportunity to  participate in development programmes organized by  Yayasan TM.

 How to apply

 To apply online, please visit: http://www.tm.com.my/ytm/malay/Pages/pengumuman.aspx?ID=33

 Contact Info

 After online application has been made, send copies of the  needed documents:

 1. Birth certificate / Identity card
 2. Salary slip / certification of parent's / guardian's income
 3. Copy of UPSR or PMR 2012 results
 4. Copy of co-curricular transcript of the activities stated in  the application
 5. Copy of divorce / death certificate /OKU, if relevant


  Sekretariat Pemilihan Biasiswa Kecil,
  Yayasan TM, Aras 14(S),
  Menara TM,
  Jalan Pantai Baharu,
  50672 Kuala Lumpur.

Successful candidates will be informed in writing. Application with no reply after three months from the closing date shall be deemed as not successful.

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