Wesley Methodist School


Private School




Local Curriculum (KBSR/KSSR & KBSM/KSSM)


Primary: Below RM 15,000
Secondary: Below RM 15,000


Max 24 students



WMS puts great emphasis on students' character building. They use ICT and updated pedagogical methods for teaching students. Besides they have a constant glance on traditional moral character-building which is highly appreciated by most parents. Their academic achievements also represent high education quality especially in science.

 If you are planning to enrol your kids there, beware that their waiting list is long. They only take in 200 students annually. They normally set an entrance exam in August every year and select their future students based on the results of that exam.

 Going there seems convenient for students because it's located very near to Sentul LRT station. When you go by car it would be a bit difficult to find parking, even if you pay RM3.

Food sold at the canteen is priced reasonably, mostly less than RM4.

The maximum number of students in a class is 33. WMS has five campuses nationwide: Ipoh, Klang, Melaka, Sentul (KL), and Seremban. There will be another branch opening in Penang after a year or two.

Wesley Methodist School (WMS), formerly known as the Kolej Methodist Sentul Campus, started as a school that provided a second chance for dropouts from government schools. It has since been transformed into a high quality school aimed at providing well-balanced, all-round education which makes admission to WMS selective. 

Although WMS is a Christian school, there are students from other religions studying there as well. It is a non-profit organisation that offers lower fee in the Klang valley. Teachers in WMS regularly attend Staff Development Programmes which enhance their teaching abilities. 21st century skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, problem solving and communication are implemented within teaching methods by teachers in a student-centered approach. 

Teaching and Learning

WMS boasts excellent results in all public examinations, and takes pride in providing a well-balanced education with strong emphasis on character development and a high standard of discipline. "Parents who are looking for discipline integrated with flexible modern teaching philosophy are very satisfied with what WMS offers to their students" said Mdm Chia Loy Tian, Wesley Methodist School principal. English language is the medium of instruction in the school. Regardless of students' race, they have to communicate with school staff only in English language. This policy has been set to improve students' communication skills and strengthen unity.  

Students' achievements in WMS is quite high. Almost 60% of the students pass PMR and SPM with straight As. Majority of students pursue their education for A-level or Australian Matriculation (AUSMAT) in Methodist College of Kuala Lumpur (MCKL). 


WMS have adequate facilities that provide students an equal balance to both academics and recreation. The schools boast a network of classrooms and dedicated learning facilities for science and arts. These learning spaces are equipped with ICT tools that provide leverage for students in their learning experience at WMS.

The school's sporting facilities include both indoor and outdoor facilities which allow students to enjoy a range of activities from football to badminton within the safe confines of the school.

Wesley Methodist School Melaka
440-E, Jalan Tengkera
75200, Melaka

Telephone: +606 284 9025
Fax: +606 284 9025


Wesley Methodist School Ipoh
42, Jalan Silibin
30100 Ipoh, Perak

Telephone: +605 2545 122 / +6012 5005 033
Fax: +605 2432 661


Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur
Lot 185, Jalan Lima, Off Jalan Sentul
51000 Sentul, Kuala Lumpur

Telephone: +603 4041 6470
Fax: +603 4045 7107


Wesley Methodist School Klang
Jalan Dato Hamzah
41000 Klang, Selangor

Telephone: +603 3371 8852
Fax: +603 3371 7208


Wesley Methodist School Seremban
Jalan Lee Sam
70000 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Telephone: +606 7620 068
Fax: +606 7618 790

Website: http://www.wesleyschool.edu.my/

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