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Islamic Funwork, Maths and Mind, Bijak Bahasa, Little Qari, English at Ease, Reader Readiness, Theatre Tricks

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School Facts

Genius Aulad was established in year 2000 and has since grown into 40 centres spanning all across peninsular Malaysia. Their tagline, Lesson Beyond Classroom emphasizes their learning culture which does not limit learning to classes  but expands the idea of learning to include everything that is around them.

With the belief that children are constantly learning, education is treated as part of everyday life through everything that is heard, read and also seen. Genius Aulad operates through its values which puts children and their education as its utmost priority before anything else. Their lessons are based on creativity and quality which makes the learning process fun and exciting for the kids.

Teaching and Learning

The specialized programme at Genius Aulad aims to develop students who are well rounded and are high achievers both academically and religiously. The Genius Aulad Specialized Programme is made up of Islamic Funworks, Maths & Mind, Bijak Bahasa, Little Qari, English at Ease, Reader Readiness and Theatre Tricks.

The learning system at Genius Aulad is assisted by state of the art facilities such as the AssistBoard Interactive Whiteboard System to help make learning more interactive for the kids. Active learning is highly encouraged in the classroom as kids will be able to make more out of their lessons when they participate in class activities.

Teachers in Genius Aulad are given extensive training by encouraging them to take classes and also attending courses throughout the year so they can have a better understanding of kids in order to be more effective educators. The environment in Genius Aulad fosters love and respect among kids and teachers alike so they can work with one another to further enhance the education experience of the kids.

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Genius Aulad
HQGAINS Thinkers Office,
10 Jalan Tasik Prima 5/1
The Wharf, Tasik Prima
47100 Puchong
Selangor Darul Ehsan

+603 8051 2376 / +603 8065 5150

03 8023 3150

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