Primary, Secondary


Subang Jaya, Selangor


Max 30 students in class


No boarding


"Sri KL students come from diverse backgrounds and communities. 95% of our children are Malaysians of which 70% are ethnically Chinese with the majority coming from English speaking families. Approximately 16% of our students are Malays and 11% Indians with the remaining 3% coming from other communities. The majority of our overseas students come from Japan, Indonesia and Singapore but the school is proud to say that we have student representation from all over the world.

Every year Sri KL has ranked among the top ten schools in Selangor and has often made it to the top ten for results in the country. However, after the introduction of the open certificate for SPM, no statistics are available to gauge our ranking for PMR and SPM results."

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Sekolah Sri Kuala Lumpur is a private, non-denominational primary and secondary school. Established in 1979 by educationist Tan Sri Dato' Ir. Othman Merican, the school is run independently and as a non-profit foundation. It was declared a SMART School in 2000.

Sri KL's primary students are encouraged to be self-learners and inquisitive about the world around them. At Sri Kuala Lumpur Secondary School students learn to become young ladies and gentlemen who recognize and respect the customs and traditions of Malaysian society.

Standard 1-6: Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP)

For current students, Sri KL Primary School will continue the KBSR curriculum for just Standard 6 students while others will be taught using CIPP programme, which will be fully implemented starting by 2014 for all levels.

It's the same for secondary level, the school will follow the KBSM curriculum for current Form 5 students only. International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) will be used for all levels starting in 2014.

In accordance with the school's commitment to provide a balanced, all round education, Sri Kuala Lumpur has invested heavily in providing students and teachers with world class academic and sporting facilities.

A 25-meter swimming pool, complete with separate changing facilities and showers for boys and girls, is always in use as swimming is compulsory for Year Two to Year Five, and Form One/Year 7 to Form Three/Year 9. The school also runs a compulsory life-saving programme for Form One/Year 7 students under the auspices of the Malaysian Chapter of the Royal Life-Saving Society.

All teaching spaces, including classrooms and labs, are fully air-conditioned and supported by the latest ICT tools to enhance the students' learning experience. The School maintains a fully-networked broadband campus which is host to more than 300 computersn with interactive whiteboards used in many classrooms at both primary and secondary level. Both Primary and Secondary School have their own large libraries with internet access and a well-stocked bookshop caters for students' stationary and textbook requirements. Secondary School students enjoy the use of four cutting-edge science labs, three living skills labs, a sewing room and a cookery room.