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The Children's House


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Language, Number Work, Sensorial, Practical Life Skills, Culture and Understanding of The World.

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School Facts

The Children’s House (TCH) which was founded in 1986, was the brainchild of Nan Civel and is the first preschool in Malaysia to practise the complete Montessori method of education. Since its establishment, the centre has expanded to 8 other centres and is considered a premium preschool in Malaysia.

TCH focuses on educating children using the Montessori method which is a child-centred educational approach. It celebrates the fact that children are different from adults hence encouraging the child to choose their own acitivity to engage in because each child knows what they can do and what they are capable of. TCH also prepares a range of Montessori-appropriate materials for the kids to use in class to have a better grasp at what they are learning.

Teaching and Learning 

At The Children’s House, teachers are encouraged to build healthy and caring relationships with the children. This is important for the children’s development because the presence of teachers plays a big role in their growth. The teachers at TCH are always dedicated and have undergone intensive training to ensure that your child will have the best learning experiences from experts.

The Montessori method focuses on a variety of activities namely language, number work, sensorial, practical life skills and culture and understanding of the world. These activities are guaranteed to help your child realise their full potential as an individual and also as members of the society. The use of polite language is enforced in the grounds of TCH as it will foster positive communication and behavior and will also help children in managing their emotions and expressing themselves in a healthy way.

The kids at TCH are kept engaged throughout the day in an environment where a balanced mixture of teaching, learning and playing is practiced to achieve an optimal and holistic development.

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