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Career opportunities for Art & Design graduates

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Mar 19, 2019, 01:58 AM

We have all heard the common misconception that students that graduate with an arts and design qualification have no prospects. We have heard our parents telling us while we were growing up that going into arts may amount to an unsuccessful future.

Well, we are here to bust some myths and to list down successful career options that your child could go into with an art and design education background.


In this fast-paced industry and as we approach the cyber revolution, the face of marketing has changed from traditional media to the digital era. Always assume that as long as there are services and goods in the world, someone has to market them and who better than an advertising agency. So, if you fancy a play with words and can sell a scuba tank to a seahorse, then you should consider a career in advertising.


Some people say that anyone can be a photographer as long as you have a DSLR camera, but there are a lot more skills that go into photography. Skills which you acquire when you have experienced photographers teaching you. Learning photography will also give you an opportunity to shoot and use proper equipment in a professional studio. It gives you a chance to collaborate with other like-minded creative individuals. There is never an end to learning but you can a step into the right direction by joining career-related programmes that offer photography.

Graphic Design

The world could be yours if you have the talent to be able to convey ideas that will inspire people visually. The best part is that in this day and age you will be in demand. The world is now facing a cyber revolution where a robot can do everything. In a graphic designer field, the need for human touch and creativity will always ensure that graphic designers would never be replaced. We just got to learn how to adapt and never stop learning which is why taking up graphic designing as course will never let you down.

Interactive Design/Game Development

What used to be just another past time hobby of playing computer games has now become a multi-million career option well, in this case, it is designing the game that will be the next ‘’in-thing’’ with millennials that could offer you a lucrative career. This industry is like any other major player within the large entertainment and media industry—it is competitive. Which is why making this into a career with a graduate degree will set you apart from the rest of the herd.

Film and Television Related Careers

The world of film and television is huge, to say the least, while it is not necessary to possess qualification for you to have a career in this industry. Having such a qualification will help in launching your career in the big or small screen. There are so many career options to choose from when you have completed your degrees such as director, cinematographer, or even a producer.


If your child has an aptitude for any of the above careers, then you could consider sending them for IGB international school’s IB Career-related Programme (CP) for Art and Design which also partners with Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). Savannah College of Art & Design is also known as the university for creative careers.

Students who finalize the Career-related Programme will earn the IB Career-related Programme certificate. SCAD courses that is taken to complete the career-related studies requirement within the CP will enable students the choice to progress to higher education with university-level credit already on their transcripts.

For more info on this amazing programme partnership between IGBIS and SCAD click here

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