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5 Reasons to Choose Private Schools

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Feb 04, 2013

Public school education is the default choice for fans of the Malaysian curriculum and for a minimal fee. However, for parents who are looking for more options, here are several reasons why private school education is better for your children.

1. Emphasis On A Wide Range Of Academic Programmes


Private schools are privately owned and operated. Therefore, they may typically have their own teaching curriculum, text books and teaching manuals.

Most private schools are not pressured to ‘train’ students to sit for major examinations. As a result, teachers can afford to focus on developing thinking skills instead of teaching what to think.

On top of that, many private schools have an extensive range of arts and music programmes that are given strong emphasis.

2. Strong Parental Involvement


Private schools are accountable to the parents as they are paying directly to the school to fund its operations. Therefore, parents can expect to have an active involvement in their children’s education.

Besides interactions about the children’s school performance, parents are also expected to participate in communication with the school’s administration with regards to its management policies, development plans and other activities.

3. Focused Individual Attention In Smaller Class Size


Private school teachers shoulder far less administrative tasks compared to their counterparts in the public sector. Instead, private schools have a dedicated staff of non-teaching school administrators so that the teachers can provide undivided attention to teach.

Classes are relatively smaller as well, making the amount of good quality one-on-one time a teacher can spend with a student much greater.

4. First-Class Facilities And Non-Academic Staff


To ensure that students have a well-rounded, practical and hands-on learning experience, amenities such as libraries, laboratories and athletic facilities are usually the centre of focus for private schools.

Trained librarians, lab technicians, and athletic coaches are also present to support these activities. Most offer a wide range of extra-curricular programmes to ensure that there is something for every child.

5. Safety And Health Concerns

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While it is impossible to guarantee anything in life, private schools can address some concerns about a child’s safety and health. Most private schools invest on traffic management within the vicinity of the campus and on the school ground itself.

In addition, lunches provided in private schools are usually well-planned to provide good nutrition and may even be designed to cater to specific dietary requirements.