Are learning centres able to provide my child a holistic education?

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Apr 11, 2019, 07:14 AM

     Learning centres are self-driven organisation that teach international curriculum with much cheaper fees than international and private institutions. These organisations run on either as subsidiary to a private organisation or of private funding. The former means that students & educational staff from  a bigger organisation such as certified private universities / learning institutions run them, while the latter suggest a personal funding from a figure or body not related to education industry. This institution provide supplemental tutoring, group tutoring, exam preparation workshops and individual instructions.

     Learning centre is not meant to be a tuition centre, since tuition centres are private educational institutions with a primary objective to prepare a student for an examination. There, students are pushed to memorise trendy questions and applicable methods in dealing with them. Yes, learning centres also provide exam preparation workshops but that is only one of the options available. Meanwhile, tuition centres primary function is limited to that and is only a short term examination-counter method. Of course, there are other centres like literacy centres (for children or special needs) and skill enrichment centres but that is for another topic.

     Problem like legality-concern often plague the minds of those who are interested. Why? It’s because some learning centres operate illegally. How? They applied for tuition centre license from the government but operate the institution ala mini-school. This problem is commonly reserved to private-funded learning centres caused by ill-informed figures that are behind them or those who want to make use of loopholes in the local educational institution law.

     Can learning centres provide a holistic education? To answer the questions, one must know what is meant by holistic education. Have a read of this article about holistic education from us! An institution is allow to call itself a holistic educational centre when they successfully tap the students’ intellectual, emotional, social, physical, creative and spiritual potentials to make well-rounded individuals. If we go by this concept, then yes, learning centres do provide holistic education towards their student. Let us rephrase that, learning centres do provide holistic approach in their teaching based on what is necessary and what you desired.

     Each learning centres undeniably focus more on intellectual, physical, social and creativity on their students’ development. This question must be ask whenever you are seeking a learning centre that will propel your childs’ development: What are you focusing in? If they said, varied, then your job is to just fill in on what you want they to focus on. If the learning centres specifying on their students’ scope to tap, such as social development or physical enhancement, then you think if it is the best for your child.    

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