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Facts or Misconceptions About Chinese Schools

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Jan 30, 2015

As we have mentioned in the first strip where the School Advisor parents made their first appearance: not every two schools are the same and everyone has differing views about each school.

The internet is both bane and boon for the tech-savvy parents in search of information for the education of their loved ones. Other than the reliable and helpful friends at there are also the news, informal forums for parents and of course peer and parent reviews.

We have compiled the most discussed issues parents have when it comes to considering a Chinese school education for their children. Can you tell us which are true and which are not?

  • The teachers are fierce and they bring canes around the school ready to smack the children
  • Students will not be able to speak languages other than Mandarin
  • There will be too many homework and not enough play
  • Chinese schools encourage rote-learning and not critical thinking
  • Parents will be burdened by constant requests for donations
  • Chinese schools have a reputation of producing math geniuses
  • Parents who are not fluent in Mandarin will feel left out and loss
  • Chinese school students have lousy command in English
  • Social skills are severely lacking in Chinese school students
  • The teachers discourage students from gym, and swap the schedule for lessons instead
  • There is limited tertiery option when you graduate from Chinese schools
  • Children in chinese schools are highly stressed and strung out
  • Chinese schools result in producing materialistic children
  • There is too much focus on the academic and nothing else
  • Students from Chinese schools are more focused and independent
  • You only matter if you produce results, not because you are a unique human being

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