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Garden International School Hosts the 2018 Inaugural International Schools Chess Championship

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Feb 08, 2018, 11:32 AM

Garden International School (GIS) kicked off the Inaugural International Schools Chess Championship 2018 on  28 January 2018 with participation from 110 students from 20 international schools in Malaysia. The students were grouped in age-based categories of Under 17, Under 11 and subcategories of Under 14 and Under 8, to compete in 6 individual rounds per category with rules adhering to the Swiss System of Chess.

GIS Chess Championship 2018-27

Individual and team prizes of trophies, medals and certificates were awarded on the day. GIS U17 and U11 teams both claimed Best School trophies. Players from GIS also claimed several trophies and medals for best individual performances.

Commenting on today’s tournament, Andrew Pritchard, CCA coordinator at GIS said “I was really proud to be involved with our school’s Chess Championship which was the first one for International Schools in Asia! The participants across all our age ranges really enjoyed it. I’d like to thank our chess parents who came forward with the idea last year; without their help and support, the tournament would not have happened. I’d also like to thank our International Chess Master Mr Mok for his support and development of all things chess at school. Finally all the competitors and parents who attended and especially the children who were brave enough to take part in a tournament for the first time. I am very happy with what we all achieved together.”

GIS Chess Championship 2018-205GIS participants (front row) posing with Andy Pritchard (first from left), GIS principal Mark Ford (second from left), International Master Mok Tze Meng (first from right) and GIS parents.

“We received a lot of compliments from both parents and participant” said International Master Mok Tze Meng, CCA Chess Coach at GIS. “We’re truly happy and proud of how the event turned out and the positive feedback we’ve received and look forward to organising more tournaments in the future.”

List of winners:

Best School Awards

Under 17 (school team)

1st place- Garden International School: Sebastien Chua, Ter Chen Jae, Isaac Ng and Ong Weng Yan.

2nd place- International School @ Parkcity: Joshua Lee, Tan Li-Zhang, Benedict Phang and Shatishwaran

3rd place- Sri KL: Hiu Jack Yuan, Ashley Tan, Nicholas Khow and Sophia Yek.

Under 11 (School team)

1st place- Sri KL: Keeve Soon, Kyan Tan, Ernest Yek and Ethan Wong

2nd place- Taylor’s International School: Tan Kae Sern, Ong Zhen Sean, Shubh Kapur and Victor Wieggerink

3rd place- Garden International School – Ethan Low, Muhammad Arif, Max Lee and Samuel Lopez

GIS Chess Championship 2018-61GIS principal Mark Ford presenting the trophy to Under 17 category champion Sebastien Chua from Garden International School.

Individual Awards

Under 17 category

1. Sebastien Chua Chee Sian, Garden International School (pictured above)

2. Anderson Ang Ern Jie, Regent International School

3. Hiu Jack Yuan, Sri KL International School

4. Shreesh Amit Chembeti, Global Indian International School

5. Lee Shan Chen Joshua, International School @ Parkcity

6. Tan Li-Zhang, International School @ Park City

7. Olivier Printemps Tan Zhy Ley, St. Joseph Institution International School

8. Ter Chen Jae, Garden International School

9. Isaac Ng Jun Fung, Garden International School

10. Rudra Prasadh Ganesh, Global Indian International School

Under 14 category

1. Rey Matthew Tan Yong Xi, Alice Smith International School

2. Lee Yean Herng, Wesley Methodist International School

3. Ashley Tan Jia Yie, Sri KL International School

4. Ong Weng Yan, Garden International School

5. Low Kai Xiang, Garden International School

Under 11 category

1.Ishaan Quan Tze Navaratnam, Sri KDU International School

2. Keeve Soon Yong Xin, Sri KL International School

3. Tan Kae Sern, Taylor’s International School

4. Kyan Tan Kye Ren, Sri KL International School

5. Ernest Yek Zu Yang, International School @Park City

6. Julian Jiang, Taylor’s International School

7. Ong Zhen Sean, Taylor’s International School

8. Ethan Low Jia-Wei, Garden International School

9. Ethan Wong Yi Hern, Sri KL International School

10. Aaryan Galia, Mon’t Kiara International School

Under 8 category

1. Cadence Lim Shern Yii, Tenby International School

2. Jaishivan A/L Paranam, Tenby International School

3. Jerry Wong Yong Jie, Cempaka International School

4. Pavithran, Global Indian International School

5. Tan Ke Han, Cempaka International School

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