Gardens International School Scholarship 2019

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Jan 23, 2019, 02:25 AM

Garden International School is on the lookout for gifted students who shine above their peers!

GIS is one of Malaysia’ oldest and most prestigious international schools. Year upon year, their IGCSE and A Level results place them amongst the best schools in the world.

Luckily, they are offering some generous academic, music and cultural scholarships for August 2019 which include a registration fee waiver (20k value) and up to 100% off tuition fees!

Answer four simple questions to see if your child could be one of the lucky scholarship recipients!

1. Does your child stand out above the rest?

Does your child regularly excel in tests, exams and academic competitions? Or perhaps you have a child who is a virtuoso violinist or a football star? If your child is an impressive scholar or a talented performer or sports player, they may well have what it takes.

2. Does your child love to help others?

Garden International School is looking for outstanding students who are committed to helping those around them. If your child has a track record of leadership and service - in sports, clubs and charity work - they’ve got another tick!

3. Does your child love to collaborate with others?

GIS is looking for students who are proven team players: students who enjoy collaborating and communicating with others, and who have demonstrated leadership potential.

4. Does your child enjoy thinking outside the box?

At GIS, learning isn’t about textbooks and worksheets. The ability to ‘think outside the box’, solve problems and think critically are all crucial skills in today’s modern, globalised workforce.  Therefore, GIS weaves these skills into their curriculum at every year level, and are looking for students who enjoy debating, thinking creatively and finding innovative solutions to problems.

Did you answer ‘YES’ to our four questions?

If so, you should definitely apply for a Year 10 or Year 12 GIS Scholarship for August 2019!

Applications are due on 11 March, so you’ve got plenty of time to put together an application that will stand out from the rest.

Click here to take the next step in applying for a scholarship to GIS, one of the world’s top British international schools!

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