GIS Kuantan Open Day bringing the community together

December 02, 2016

Garden International School Kuantan (GISK) opened their doors recently to welcome members of the community to join the school for two Open Days on 18th & 19th November 2016.

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Families and their guests were invited to take part in the different experiences the unique school has to offer, being the only British International school on the east coast of Malaysia.

On Friday the school was open to prospective families with many turning up to discover more about the curriculum and how the learning is very much designed to meet the needs of its international students. Tours were given by members of the student council who were keen to showcase the school to visitors.

Miss Tiffany Lacey-Edwards, Head of School said, “It was wonderful to see our students embracing the opportunity to lead the tours; they had a very professional approach and they were true ambassadors for the school in every sense of the word. They are extremely proud of their school and who best to show it off – students who are confident, respectful and full of passion for what they are achieving in school each day”.

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On Saturday, the Family Open Day had a very different approach with it being a celebration of the school community and all the members who are integral to its make-up. Families and friends came together and the mood was vibrant throughout the morning; even when there was a downpour, the energy was not dampened! There was a huge variety of games and learning to keep everyone enthralled and entertained including computer animations, making glittering slime, creating flavoured lip balm and fruit carving.

Students led many learning activities and showed their parents how to solve maths puzzles, how to create a variety of electrical circuits and Muay Thai demonstrations from one of the CCAs on offer at the school. The PTFA ran several stalls as well with their cake stall proving to be a real success with all. Younger students were kept busy for hours making eclectic designs of every shape and style from balloons by the popular local ‘Balloon Woman!’.

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Throughout the morning the school was busy with visitors and had also attracted many new families who were keen to join in the fun and to really experience this very different approach to an open day. At the end of the morning, as the last of the bunting was being taken down. This was a unique experience and one which provided all with an insight into the vibrant exciting community school that is Garden International Kuantan.

If you want to experience the excellence and feel the difference and see how GISK can bring out the best in your children, please contact the school office on 609-5673391 or visit here for more information.