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HiHo Kids try Malaysian Food for the first time.

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Jan 28, 2019, 12:50 PM

The popular kids YouTube channel ‘HiHo Kids’ which has amassed more than 2.1 million subscribers has uploaded two videos in 2017 where their first reactions trying Malaysian food and snacks for the first time were recorded.


Cut is the producer of the YouTube channel with the ‘Kids Try’ series where some kids try different food from different countries. The YouTube channel target audience is kids. The name ‘HiHo kids’ are given to the participants trying food that are authentic to particular countries or snacks sent by viewers or fans. Some of the loved kids and who frequently appear in the videos are, Ernie (known as “Super Ernie” to his viewers/fans), Desmond with his iconic fringe and blond hair, the bubbly Crystal, Austin who can be easily identified with his long hair, Maddox with his amusing and honest comments, Clara and her three tiers ‘Thumbs up’ ratings or the adorable twins GG and Justin.

'American Kids Try Snacks from Singapore & Malaysia'

The first video, titled- 'American Kids Try Snacks from Singapore & Malaysia'  which was uploaded on 18 May 2017, featuring the HiHo Kids- Desmond, Austin, GG, Maddox, Crystal and Ernie. In the video, the Kids tried snacks from Singapore and Malaysia which were sent from a fan. The snacks which they tried are- Cheezels, Fish Crackers which most of them did not enjoy because of the strong fish scent, Mango Gummy and three flavors of Twisties.

'Kids Try Malaysian Food'

The second video, titled, 'Kids Try Malaysian Food', featuring Clara, Crystal, Austin and Jaque and was uploaded on 14 November 2017, showed the different meals tried by the children for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. For the first meal of the day (breakfast), the traditional Nasi Lemak was served to them, consisting of rice, cucumbers, boiled egg, sambal and Anchovy which the kids were apprehensive about. For lunch, the Roti Canai, known as the Flying Bread (illustrated from the technique used to making the bread). For the dinner segment, Asam Laksa was served which were appreciated by most of the kids and lastly, the most liked food item was the Apam Balik which is a chocolate and peanut butter pancake which was served for the dessert segment.

Each videos have more than 1.6 million views on YouTube. The video's popularity reflects the appreciation to see Malaysian food getting recognition worldwide.

If you have some spare time today, do watch the videos !

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