In the Presence of Royalty

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Nov 10, 2017, 06:10 PM

International School @ ParkCity (ISP) was graced with the presence of royalty recently when they launched The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition, an event they were invited to host by the British High Commission in Malaysia. talks to principal, Andrew Dalton, to find out how the day turned out.

RoyalVisit - 9Andrew Dalton the Principal of ISP, Her Majesty Raja Zarith Sofia, Permaisuri Johor and Her Royal Highness, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall

Her Royal Highness, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall who was on an official tour of Asia with the Duke of Cornwall on behalf of the Queen was joined in ISP by Her Majesty Raja Zarith Sofia, Permaisuri Johor who is helping to promote The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition in Malaysia. The visit also coincided with the recent opening of a new section of the school, named the Mawar Wing. “We were delighted that Her Royal Highness agreed to officially open this great addition to our school during her visit,” says Dalton.

RoyalVisit - 129Her Royal Highness, Andrew Dalton and Her Majesty standing in a sea of students

You may think that with the presence of royalty, a school might turn itself inside out trying to cater to them but according to Dalton, they didn’t change anything about how the school functioned on a day-to-day basis, with the exception of the morning of the visit. It was only meticulously planned in terms of the route, timings and security as they believed that it was unnecessary to undertake any other special preparations with the students.

RoyalVisit - 167The students of ISP performing at the event

“We have the most wonderful students and staff at the school. The children were encouraged to simply be themselves and enjoy the day.  I was extremely confident that they would behave impeccably, so the idea of discussing sanctions was never a consideration. The students were very happy and excited to welcome both Royal visitors,” he says

The visit of Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cornwall, and Her Majesty Raja Zarith Sofia, Permaisuri of Johor, was a special day in the School’s short history, and was certainly something that will be remembered. The students and staff greatly enjoyed their visit and the day will be a fond memory for everyone in the years ahead.


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