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List of helpful resource to increase kid's educational performance

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Sep 05, 2013, 05:24 AM

These sites provide useful resources to people exploring homeschooling and alternative education. Websites, articles, essays, as well as links to many homeschooling resources. 



Sonlight is a Christian literature-based homeschool curriculum. They provide homeschool curriculum packages and individual resources and materials. Sonlight is based in Littleton, Colorado and serves homeschoolers in more than 140 countries worldwide.

   Clicknkids It's a “learning to read” program where children demonstrate learned skills and get to experience the joy of self-achievement.
   A2Z homeschooling

A to Z Home's Cool community website will assist in home-educating kids from preschool, kindergarten, even through high school with free online education, lesson ideas, websites, articles, programs, books, materials, and curriculum.



Homeschool Central

Homeschool Central is a guide to homeschooling resources and services that will help parents to successfully home school their children. was created to empower parents to create the ideal school for their child at home!'s founding principle is to consistently provide resources, information, and support to all homeschooling families.



 SKYLARK SINGDavid H. Albert, a homeschooling dad, husband, writer, and storyteller and the author of five books about homeschooling shares his ideas and resources.



 UNSCHOOLING.COMOffers the magazine - “Home Education Magazine”- consultant support, news, support groups, legal issues, an e-newsletter, product reviews, book reviews, interviews and videos.
   CrosswalkAs an intersection of faith and life, provides Christian Homeschool Resources & Homeschooling Advice.


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