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It is every parent’s wish is to find the very best education for their child, but what is a world-class education?

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According to Crescendo-HELP International School (CHIS), a world-class education is one where children have their personal horizons broadened by the scope of their learning in an inspiring manner. It is about attaining achievement based on individual growth, with the checks and balances of an internationally recognised authority, which in their case is the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

Crescendo-HELP International School puts strong emphasis on the quality of education. Their aim is to essentially ensure that all students are given the opportunity and environment to help them achieve their full potential. The school offers a broad-based, learning-focused curriculum within a friendly, international and caring community, striving to fulfil the academic, linguistic, physical and social potential of each child.

Primary school students of CHIS are taught with the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) which ensures rigorous and participative learning using a comprehensive and thematic approach whereas the students from lower secondaryare exposed to a range of subjects which allows for their curious minds to explore various themes and subjects, preparing them for upper secondary where students choose their IGCSE subjects.

How affordable?

Crescendo-HELP International School pride themselves for being a school that provides world-class education at an affordable price.


The Board of CHIS established the fee structure based on the quality of facilities that are provided, staff costs and projected utilities. For example, students who sign up for the 2018 academic intake will enjoy a 20% Bursary. The most incredible aspect of this Bursary is that it will stay with a student until they complete Year 11.

For a notable number of outstanding applications, the Board has approved scholarships between 50% to 100% to students entering Year 7 and Year 10. Currently, more than 44 students benefit from these scholarships.

Why is it important that the education at CHIS is affordable?

There has been a big growth in international and private schools at varying costs but with the facilities, staffing ratio and commitment to succeed, the Board has shown determination to achieve their goal in attracting students from a diverse socio-economic range.


The Board is committed to provide a top-rated school for the wider community in Johor Bahru. They also believe in giving back to the community, hence, the aforementioned Bursary not only benefits their students during enrolment, it is also valid until they graduate from the school.

What is the Teaching & Learning culture at CHIS?

At CHIS, each class has a mix of students with different academic abilities. Teachers plan and deliver their lessons with these differentiated learning styles and abilities in mind. The teachers at the school set expectations for each child with a personalised learning plan based on their capabilities. The students are expected to start and become aware of the need to take responsibility for their learning and actions from the earliest age.

The school believes in contributing to the growth of the whole child. They ensure this by providing a curriculum that includes arts, performing arts, sports and physical education as well as the more directly academic elements. The curriculum is augmented by a diverse and interesting co-curricular programme.

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Apple-based technologies are a part of the teaching and learning at Crescendo-HELP International School. They are used in classrooms to further stimulate learning. All students in Year 3 and above have an iPad while students of younger classes can book the iPads from the class trolley. In this way, the school’s younger students are introduced to the benefits and safe, appropriate usage of the electronic devices.


About Crescendo-HELP International School

Crescendo-HELP International School was officially opened by Dato' Mohamed Khaled Nordin, Menteri Besar of Johor, together with Gooi Seong Lim, Chairman and Managing Director of Crescendo Corporation Berhad, and Datuk Dr Paul Chan, Co-Founder and Vice Chancellor of HELP University.

The school is located in a quiet, residential area of Desa Cemerlang, on a site adjacent to Crescendo International College, with excellent access to all areas of Johor Bahru and beyond.

While academia underpins all that the school does, above all else its warm, inclusive, family atmosphere sets the school apart. The staff are enthusiastic and dedicated and pupils are motivated to achieve their very best in all aspects of school life. The school strongly believes developing pupils into well-rounded individuals is key, to whichend the school provides a wealth of opportunities in sports, music, drama, arts and a wide variety of other pursuits across the whole age range within the curriculum and as part of their co-curricular programme.

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