Peninsula International School Australia Practices Pastoral Care and Positive Psychology

August 07, 2017

Every school wants to believe that it offers something special, something just a little bit different from other international schools. For the Peninsula International School Australia, it’s a certain spirit, more than just camaraderie which exists. It’s seen through a shared set of values and team work that truly sets them apart from the rest.


Staying true to their partner school in Melbourne, this spirit encompasses all year levels and is the result of careful attention. At Peninsula Grammar, through Pastoral Care and Positive Psychology, teachers enjoy a close relationship with their students. This personal knowledge gives them a much greater appreciation of what each student needs, educationally and socially.

The teachers and staff members emphasise Positive Psychology, the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. Each year, the school introduces a Positive Psychology theme. This year, the chosen theme is ‘Perspective’.


A student with perspective can consider different viewpoints, see the big picture and make informed decisions. Peninsula Grammar’s school approach includes embedding best practice across the school, as well as explicit teaching of important skills such as curiosity, emotion regulation, resilience, critical thinking and communication.

The school’s goal is to equip students with a range of strategies they can use in their daily life at school, as well as beyond the gates. The scope and sequence of positive education across Peninsula Grammar ensures age appropriate learning for every student, and ongoing development with relevant life skills. In Malaysia, Peninsula International School Australia will adhere to the highest standards of education associated with the Peninsula Grammar’s long tradition of excellence.


The school’s Positive Education department has an array of library books available for loan from experts such as Dr Michael Carr-Gregg (Strictly Parenting; Surviving Adolescents; Surviving Year 12; Surviving Step-Families), Steve Biddulph (Raising Real People; Raising Boys), Kaz Cooke (Girls’ Stuff), Dr Andrew Wake (The ‘Good Enough’ Parent), Dr Justin Coulson (21 Days to a Happier Family), and Eline Snel (Breathe through this – Mindfulness for Parents of Teenagers).

As it is important for all students to feel a strong sense of security and connectedness within the school community, Peninsula Grammar has an outstanding Pastoral Care programme. Formally, pastoral care falls naturally to the classroom teacher in respective grades. These teachers provide students with exceptional encouragement, assistance and support.


Outside of the classroom, pastoral care is the province of the whole community. Nurturing positive relationships between students, teachers and parents form the foundation on which values such as respect, understanding and loyalty flourish at Peninsula Grammar.


It’s the pastoral nature of Peninsula Grammar, working in partnership with families, which characterises the supportive environment where students have the confidence to take risks, to feel encouraged and challenged and are able to develop their potential to its full extent.


Peninsula International School Australia in Malaysia embodies everything its award-winning partner school, Peninsula Grammar in Melbourne stands for. An education at Peninsula International School Australia means students leave equipped to flourish on their respective personal and professional journeys. They are well-rounded, resilient, resourceful and principled people empowered to make a significant community contribution wherever they find themselves.


Peninsula International School Australia is set to open in Malaysia in January 2018, offering Australia’s Victorian Curriculum based Primary and Secondary education for students from Year 1 (Age 7) to Year 12 (Age 18).