“People who change the world need the tools to do it!” by Seven Skies International School

June 07, 2017

The world is a dangerous place to live. Not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. Have we been successfully instilling the values in raising our children to survive in this world? We, as parents & educators, need to rethink our parenting & educational practices. We need to utilize the right tools in preparing our children today, to face the world tomorrow.


The following are five incredibly powerful tools that parents and teachers can use when raising and educating children. The examples offered provide us with more understanding of how we implement the tools in our Seven Skies International School’s curriculum.


Tool 1 – Selflessness

Educate children on the various prevalent social issues by influencing informative discussions so that students can share their views and possible solutions. Utilize their talents and help them start an awareness campaign, write informative articles, design posters, or even create a short documentary to make their voice heard on various social media.

At Seven Skies, we run a theme per term, where we do just that and much more.  So far, we have covered themes on social issues, such as: bullying, pollution, world hunger, infectious diseases, addiction, and many more.  Students are provided the opportunities to research the issues and then present their solutions in a very informative and creative manner. We aim to make our students responsible and selfless people who work for the future of humanity and for a bigger cause.


Tool 2 – Role Models

 Children naturally imitate the people and behaviours they are exposed to. They are greatly influenced by what they witness from others, so it’s our responsibility to serve them as positive role models with the excellent qualities they can learn and grow with.

At Seven Skies, the remarkable Muslim personalities, from over a span of 1400 years of Islamic History, are taught in a unique and interactive manner under the 100 Heroes of Islam Project.

seven skies


Tool 3 – Vision

 Children who have a vision about themselves and the World they wish to live in, will not go astray, In’sha Allah. Our part is to be their pillar of strength and support influencing them to achieve their goals.

Under our Entrepreneurship Program, the senior students not only design and develop their own business plan, but they also pitch their ideas to prospective investors.  Our students are taught essential marketing and business skills in an experiential approach that includes attracting us as investors in their business plans. We sponsor booths at events like: School Term Theme Night, The Twins of Faith Conference, Al Kauthar Weekend Courses, Being Me Conference, and many more.

seven skies


Tool 4 – Faith

 Constantly remind the children to be conscious of Allah. Give equal importance to their achievements in Academics, along with Qur’an and Arabic Studies. Also acknowledge and celebrate their effort in memorising the Qur’an & Hadeeth.

At Seven Skies, we organize Qur’an competitions for every term, to highlight the supremacy of being the best in Qur’anic and Arabic Studies. Alhamdulilah!

seven skies


Tool 5 – Strength

 A mentally strong and physically healthy child will work hard and not give up easily. Mental strength is to inculcate positive values, such as: a failure means that one is a step closer to success. For physical strength, children should learn how to build strength and balance through physical activities such as martial arts or gymnastics.

seven skies

At Seven Skies, we stress on co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Our students were recently graded in Taekwondo, and one of those students was awarded with a Black Belt under the World Taekwondo Federation. We have also introduced Brazilian jiu-jitsu training for our senior students. Ma’sha Allah!

seven skies

These and many more tools can help us to provide the education module that aims to bring productive, strong bodied, and selfless youth, who are deep rooted in their Faith and have a Vision in Life.

We welcome you to meet our consultants and learn more about our School and the various teaching tools we use.


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