Sekolah Sri KDU Mandarin Open Day

July 06, 2017

Sekolah Sri KDU provides a holistic programme where academic excellence is complemented with the development of skills to prepare your children for the competitive world.

Mandarin is offered as a compulsory subject from primary one to secondary three and offered as an elective subject at upper secondary levels. It is taught at three levels – basic, intermediate and advanced, with specific objectives targeted at various levels of achievement. Sekolah Sri KDU also offers Mandarin as a subject at SPM level.

At Sekolah Sri KDU’s Mandarin Open Day, parents can expect a school preview by the school principals, primary and secondary mandarin activities, and an exclusive chat with academic management and school teachers.

Mandarin Open Day V1-01

To find out more about the school and its Open Day, click here. See you there!