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Published by SchoolAdvisor on Dec 14, 2018, 09:00 AM

We are now entering the season for giving, and speaking of this, it is gratifying to note that Malaysia ranks number 10 in the CAF World Giving Index 2015! It just goes to show how much our society is beginning to accept and embrace altruism as a way of life. Thus, despite the many inequalities, lack of medical requirements, and the death and destruction happening all around us, we have reason to hope for a better future and world. There are so many causes, ranging from people, animals and the environment, that need our support and awareness. So then, you might ask, how do I get myself involved? Well, you can begin by considering what stirs up your sense of purpose, sparks your passion or stokes your indignation, but no matter which angle you take, it all starts with you. Looking at the Malaysian scene, it could be the rampant destruction of our rainforest and the dwindling number of Malayan tigers or it could be the negativity and/or the apathy that society has towards refugees, and the list goes on and on!

Of course, it goes without saying that, when we combine our efforts with other organizations and individuals, we make an even bigger impact. Like interconnected neurons that link together to form a working system that supports an even bigger mass of needs, we each create a significant point of contact. Within Malaysia, elc International School is one such link in the continually expanding network of organizations and individuals working together to support social work and charity. Through their collaborations with The Truly Loving Company and the Rotary Club Malaysia via the School’s Interact Club, their goodwill has a reach beyond that of a solitary organization or individual. And the same principle of unity in numbers works with them too.

It is true that, when we each try doing our individual part by supporting some cause or another, it can all seem overwhelming and our efforts can seem as insignificant as pushing against the ocean waves, but you should not give up. Yes, it is true that there is strength in numbers, but if this is not possible for you, then remember that fighting against this ocean tide there are those courageous few who wave their flags and banners about for change and a better future. In the words of Margaret Mead, "A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” It may not seem like the most elaborate gesture of goodwill, but in your own way, you can make the world a better place.

Think about the best way forward for you or ask your friends and family what causes they support to see how you too could get involved. You could even connect with the various local causes and NGOs via organizations such as or Do Something Good (Malaysia). Engaging yourself in social work and charity doesn’t have to be a full-time occupation or commitment. It’s another aspect of life such as work and family that adds value to your personal growth and experience.  In reality, it is we who each decide how much of ourselves we put into the different facets of our lives including altruistic living.

So, would you walk hand in hand with others in the growing number of Malaysians who are choosing to make a difference? Hold that thought!

Jessie Mohanraj

ECA Coordinator

elc International School

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