Sri KDU star student shines bright in IGCSE

October 05, 2015

Athan, a graduate student from Sri KDU International School (SKIS) scored an astounding 11A* in his IGCSE!

“Make The Impossible, Possible.”- Athan Siah Zen Hann.

What comes to mind when you hear that from a student? To Athan, he strongly believes that nothing is impossible; if you set your mind to it.

Not only did Athan achieve one of the highest marks in IGCSE, he is also a flexible sportsman, being the captain of two badminton teams, stepping up to ameliorate his leadership skills by organizing the Interclass Games Carnival in 2014, representing Sri KDU International School in competitions, and even winning the Sportsperson of the Year Award.

Athan has achieved many things and all the while he still remains humble and sincere in everything he does.

Athan is proof that for every road to success, there will ultimately be obstacles along the way. It depends on your belief that you can break the barriers and develop that determination to strive for greatness.

Having been part of the Sri KDU family since Standard 1, Athan Siah feels that he has definitely matured as a person.

“I have also become more outgoing and daring to express my opinions due to teachers who encourage us to speak up and voice out our thoughts and feelings.”

Athan Siah is a natural at being organized, beginning from his appointment as the Class Monitor in Standard 1 and never stopping since. He also became actively involved as prefect committee, student council representative and People to People International (PTPI) Chapter President.

One memory he is most fond of is being the Organising Chairman of Interclass Games Carnival in 2014. This was a large-scale whole school sports competition that involved over 500 players and officials in over 200 matches over three weeks. Athan realized the need of a platform for students to showcase their sport talents and for teachers to discover new players for their respective teams. He and his team came up with the idea and their main objective was to allow all students, not only the elite to have an opportunity to compete in various sports, and also to propagate healthy living.

“I was able to progress from a team member to a major contributor to finally a leader,” he confessed humbly.

The school prefect’s primary education goal is to maximize his potential and ability and plans to pursue a finance-related degree in the future.

“In today’s competitive world, it is no longer enough to have good grades; universities and employers are looking for people with a creative mind who can show that they are capable of thinking on their own and express those opinions adequately.”

The young Sri KDU student believes that the difference between his education at Sri KDU and what might be offered elsewhere is that teachers are willing to go out of their way to assists students, particularly those who are willing and ready to learn.

“Sri KDU has not only been my school for the past decade, but also my second home,” he said. “It is where I have met amazing people and forged amazing memories in this chapter of my life”.

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