Sri KDU to introduce affordable budget schools

September 21, 2015

Fees planned to be between RM800-1000 per month.

Paramount Group owner of Sri KDU plans to roll out budget schools under Sri KDU brand to capture the untapped mass market.

The current fees introduced by Sri KDU is within a range of RM19,000 to RM22,000 per annum for local curriculum and up to RM50,000 for international curriculum.

Paramount is planning to setup another Sri KDU (local and international curriculum) in Jalan Goh Hock Huat, Klang. The new school capacity will be up to 1500 students and is expected to start in 2016.

Sri KDU currently has 3,218 students, close to its capacity of 3,300 students in its Kota Damansara branch.