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The Effectiveness of Guided Virtual Tours

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Dec 21, 2020, 12:00 PM

In a world of quickly evolving IT innovation, anyone can interact with a great many partners far and wide and visit all sides of the globe without leaving the computer screen. Evidently, this virtual world has to be brilliant and alluring, and bear a resemblance that is as close as possible to reality, or even surpass it. This is precisely the reason there is so much development and innovation in new 3D printers, applications and software. Such development is not only applied to technological fields but in almost every industry imaginable, including education.

When it comes to deciding on a school for their children, it becomes vital to find an institution that offers nothing but the best education and facilities. With all the technologies at hand, schools now need to have a stronger brand presence to catch the eye of parents. 

One of the most effective ways this can be achieved is by providing virtual tours of the school. But what makes virtual tours special?

Parallel to Advancements

Having an online presence allows for schools to be accessible to anyone anywhere in the world at any given time. But remember, all schools are vying for the same target market – differentiation, modernisation and personalised messaging thus become crucial. Interactive virtual tours are synonymous to the technological advancements of recent times and is bound to be well received as compared to static text.

Visual Input

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so you can imagine the impact when the subject is in the form of a video. Virtual tours can essentially provide ample visual data of all locations situated within the desired school. Having this feature allows both parents and students alike to get a 360-degree look into what a school is truly like, even recreating what it is like to be physically present.


A guided virtual tour can also ensure a productive two-way interaction between the parents and the staff or counsellors whilst taking the tour. Live interaction will enable parents and students to directly address any concerns and queries regarding the school whilst engaging in the tour. In addition to that, the live interaction can also encourage the parents to actively provide feedback and comments on any issues and concerns regarding the school immediately. In terms of marketing, immediate interaction is crucial, as this is the moment potential customers are the most interested in your brand.

Long distance recruitment

Having students from around the world makes for an all-rounded, diverse campus. But not everyone will have the necessary resources or means to have a face to face campus tour. This is where a guided virtual tour will allow the students to see what the campus has to offer. It will also allow them to share this experience with their family and friends, who may play a vital part in the ultimate decision making process.

Guided virtual tours can bring a fun and interactive experience to the table that traditional and more archaic methods may not be able to. An online experience such as this is what web users currently seek, thus all the more reason to actively adopt such features on your school’s website.  

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