Why Dwi Emas International School?

  • The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Ability to Create Jobs
    At Dwi Emas, students learn to think like an entrepreneur. This gives them greater choice when they graduate: contribute their valuable mindset, skills and experience to work for an organisation, or to set up their own business and provide jobs for others.
  • Unconventional, Experiential Learning Approach That Works!
    We've been able to incorporate unconventional methods into logical subjects so students enjoy learning. Imagine students doing Tai Chi in Biology and choreographing hip-hop moves for Physics! When students enjoy learning, their learning is deeper and they do better in exams.
  • Extraordinary Experiences Even Before They Graduate
    By the time our students graduate, they have amassed an incredible amount of business and life experience to give them an edge in their skills, mindset and decision-making, enabling them to stand out above the rest.
  • A Passionate and Award-Winning Team of Educators!
    Our multi-award winning team and learning style has been recognised by Cambridge University Student Union 4 years in a row. In 2017, we were listed as a "Best-Practice Pioneer" in the Cambridge Strategies' Innovation 800 publication.

What sets Dwi Emas International School apart?

Malaysia's First Entrepreneurial School

Growing Job Creators and Entrepreneurial Leaders, from Year 1

Where fun goes hand-in-hand with academic excellence

Reverse engineering what the future needs to educate the trailblazers of tomorrow

Levels Offered

Primary School (Year 1-6)

We view education as a way to grow people that are not only academically successful but also rich in character and personality. On top of Financial Education that starts from Year 1, we provide a vibrant, thriving environment that helps build your child's confidence and character, preparing them to be successful in the long run. 

Academic Fees :

Year 1-3

RM28,000 per year

Year 4-6

RM30,000 per year

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Secondary School (Year 7-11)

At secondary level, our signature fun style of learning continues all the way until Year 11 when students sit for IGCSEs. Our unconventional methods not only make learning engaging but help students remember information for major exams. At the same time, students continue receiving guidance and coaching in their entrepreneurial endeavors, growing in innovation, adaptability and real-world experience. 

Academic Fees :

Year 7-8

RM34,000 per year

Year 9-11

RM39,000 per year

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ACE EdVenture Programme

"An Education Adventure You'll Never Forget"

At the ACE EdVenture Education Group, we believe learning should be a fun process. Dwi Emas follows the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and Cambridge IGCSE curricula coupled with the ACE EdVenture methods of teaching and learning that has a 20-year proven track record. Our approach has been recognised globally and garnered awards such as the ASEAN Business Award 2015 for Excellence in innovation and featured by Cambridge University Students’ Union 4 years running. This is the foundation Dwi Emas’ education is built on.”

Facilities @ Dwi Emas International School


Dwi Emas supports us in many aspects, be it academics, talents or business. Through this support I found my passion - to help children with cancer through my social enterprise.

Myra, 15, Dwi Emas Year 10

Founder & CEO of Gratitude Ten

"To teach is to touch a life forever." I see this embedded in the culture of this school. Two words: Holistic and Empathy describe Dwi Emas.
Holistic in developing each student to his or her potential for the future. And Empathy, because it matters here. My children are in an environment where empathy is practised across the board. As a parent, I love it and my children are grateful to be in a school like this!

Belinda Lee, Myra's mum