British National Curriculum, IGCSE


Preschool, Primary, Secondary


Petaling Jaya, Bandar Utama, Selangor


Primary (max 23 students)
Secondary (max 26 students)


No boarding


"School's overall capacity is 1,100 students. It is worth to mention that the school has a waiting list for Year 1 and Year 6 levels. More than 90% of BSKL teachers are from the UK, with a minimum of 5 years experience in teaching. There are almost 100 teachers working in the school. There are a few specially trained teachers called as "Shadow Teachers" who assist students with special needs (mainly autism).

BSKL offers English classes for students with low proficiency in English, with students having to attend mainstream classes parallel with their English classes. This method brings utmost educational preparation for the students with lack of English knowledge. Currently, 50 students are following this pattern.

BSKL introduced Secondary education (up to year 9) from this year. Secondary school’s maximum capacity is 450 students. They also offer pre-school education in 3 different levels: Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception with maximum class size of 15. 

The canteen caters food to students by contracting an external international food-catering company. There are 2 types of Asian and Western food available for students and school staff every day. Take note that lunch fees are included in the fee structure as a compulsory option for both primary and secondary students.

Students in the school benefit from well-equipped Music facilities and they will perform in concerts annually."


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British International School Kuala Lumpur (BISKL), one of the schools under the British Schools Foundation that lists institutions in countries from Russia to Brazil seeks to provide a fulfilling environment for its students through offering the English National curriculum and encouraging community involvement. It aims to fill the need for a quality British education and provides education from pre-nursery years to Year 13.

Teaching and learning is enquiry based with an emphasis on problem solving and aims to build up pupils' abilities as learners. Mandarin Chinese is also a major element of the curriculum at the school enabling pupils to learn one of the world's most important languages.


The Primary School covers the National Curriculum Key Stages 1 and 2, Years 1 to 6 (age 5-11). Secondary School builds on the students' previous learning and knowledge from Key Stage 2. In Key Stage 3 lessons are taught by subject specialists with the class tutor having the important pastoral role of coordinating all aspects of the pupils' academic and social development.

28 minutes away from the city center, the school is set in a quiet suburban environment, BISKL campus is one that is modern and wonderfully bright. The school has a full range of facilities ranging from learning classroom and spaces that are fully equipped with modern ICT tools such as smartboards and full wifi connection around the campus.


The school also provides sporting facilities, both indoors and outdoors that provide students the option for relaxation and a huge range of co-curricular activities.


  • RM1,500


  • RM17,050


  • RM5,000

*Applied to all students who the school deems to require additional English support

*3 terms per academic year

  • Pre-Nursery & Nursery: RM44,270

  • Reception & Year 1: RM53,560

  • Year 2 - 6: RM70,120

  • Year 7 - 9: RM79,910

  • Year 10 & 11: RM94,470

  • Year 12 & 13: RM99,970