British National Curriculum, IGCSE, International Baccalaureate (IB)


Preschool, Primary, Secondary


Damansara Heights, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor


Max 24 students in class


No boarding


"Entry into Sekolah Sri Cempaka is through competitive entrance examinations. The examination fee is RM 1,000 and non-refundable.

Sri Cempaka also boasts 100% passes in all examinations since 1983. The school is listed as one of the top schools in national examination results each year.

Sri Cempaka offers TWO semesters in a year: January to May and June to November. Each student will be assigned a personal tutor to monitor their academic progress, liaise with all teachers, and provide pastoral care. At the end of every semester, the personal tutor produces a confidential report which will serve as a basis for discussion during Report Card Day."


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Cempaka International School: The Cempaka Schools legacy was formed in 1983, and later expanded to include several international schools in Damansara Heights, Cheras as well as a Ladies' College and a school in Labuan.

Students of Cempaka Schools, or better known as Cempakans are expected to excel in academic and sports fields while maintaining the spirit of gentlemanliness, a winning combination proven time and again by the Cempaka School's passing rate of 100 % examinations.

Students and teachers communicate through Schoology, an interactive platform that helps the students keep up-to-date with upcoming events, homework, assignments and grades.

Cempaka International School is linked via a wireless network, through which students are able to access the internet for assignment or research purposes. Sri Cempaka’s policy is to employ teachers with high qualifications and with many years of teaching experience.


The entire Cempaka campus is linked via a wireless network. Using any appropriately-equipped notebook, students are able to access both internet and intranet resources in the campus.

Both Cempaka International School campuses are designed and built around the need to provide an environment that is suitable for the enrichment of young minds and the provisions of support structures for the students.

Beyond the array of modern facilities, both campuses provide amenities in with to incentivise students into engaging in collaborative work via a plethora of co-curricular activities which provides a balance to the academics of the schools.


  • RM10,000

*Payable upon submission of application form

  • RM1,600

*One-time payment

  • RM15,000

*One-time payment

  • Pre-reception - Reception: RM18,000

  • Year 1 - 2: RM33,900

  • Year 3 - 6: RM36,900

  • Year 7 - 9: RM45,600

  • Year 10 & 11: RM53,100