A Levels, Cambridge International, International Primary Curriculum (IPC)


Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Pre-University


Subang Jaya, Selangor


Max 24 students


No boarding


"In terms of teaching, there is an unique feature that they offer, called  'Cornell University Note-Taking System', which allows students to think critically, develop questions and report findings about their new lessons.

The school teachers in UCSI believe that learning should be interesting for children and they need to learn "how" before "what" to study. Making students think out of the box (critical Thinking), relating education to real life practices, and introducing new approaches in which students can be more innovative are well-implemented in UCSI. The school also offers a shorter primary education duration of 5 years, which allows students to start their secondary education one year earlier.  

An interesting and not-usually-seen point about them is putting their teacher's profile on their website and letting parents know more about school's academic staff. This shows that they are confident and aware of their responsibilities and tasks. UCSI International School also benefits from highly educated and qualified principals and academic coordinators both in Subang Jaya and Springhills.

School buses and vans provide transportation for students from 3 main areas: Subang Jaya, Sunway and Shah Alam."

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UCSI International School is wholly owned by UCSI Group. The Group's maiden education investment dates back to 1986, and today this flagship subsidiary is known as UCSI University. There are two international school campuses - in Springhill and in Subang.

In UCSI, the teachers encourage students to explore and test their ideas, refining them and pushing them further in the best way possible. The teaching staff here are dedicated to wanting their students to become critical thinkers that will impact society in a positive manner as they mature.

A total of 90% of the teaching staff here at UCSI Subang Jaya are of expatriate origin with a minimum of 6 to 8 years of experience teaching in International schools globally.

The International Primary Curriculum and Cambridge IGCSE are taught in Subang Jaya campus.They also provide preschool for kids from 3-6 years old.

The second international school under UCSI International School is located in Springhill, Port Dickson which provides the International Baccalaureate curriculum from Nursery to Secondary level.

With a brand new library, the school aims to provide the very best facilities for the students in order for them to leverage the learning experience here at UCSI. Beyond the comforts of the library, the support structure extends to a network of classrooms which are full air-conditioned with wi-fi and several ICT tools, some of which are dedicated to special subjects such as sciences, the arts and technology.

The recreational branch of school facilities include both indoor and outdoor. Students can choose from an array of activities in which the school provides facilities and dedicated professional trainers to give students a wholesome experience here at UCSI Subang Jaya.

UCSI constantly engages with students and parents in need of more information on Facebook.


  • RM600


  • RM3,000


  • Early Years: RM2,000

  • Primary School: RM6,000

  • Secondary School: RM7,000


  • RM500


*Applicable for Year 1 & 2

*3 terms per academic year

  • Early Years: RM3,500

  • Primary School: RM5,320 - RM6,600

  • Secondary School: RM6,900 - RM8,070

  • A-Levels: RM10,000

*3 terms per academic year

  • Early Years: RM350

  • Primary School: RM860

  • Secondary School: RM990

  • A-Levels: RM990

*Includes Lab costs, Library, Music room, Art & Drama room, Hall, After School Activities, Insurance, and Yearbook

*3 terms per academic year