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10 Reasons Why School Uniforms Are A-OK

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Feb 26, 2021

School Uniforms

Via Heather Suggit, Chen Feng & Stephanie Hau on Unsplash & The Guardian

The Ministry of Education has issued that it is not compulsory for students to wear uniforms to school as schools reopen on March 1. Students are allowed to wear normal attire until March 26 and no disciplinary action will be taken until then.

With school uniforms, students are expected to wear a certain look to go to school. School uniforms are different from one school to another and that is one of the reasons why it remains relevant today— it gives students an identity.

The debate about whether or not students should wear uniforms to school has never stopped. Opponents argue that school uniforms suppress students' creativity and self-expression. But hey, school uniforms have their own style and here are ten reasons why school uniforms actually rock and why students should embrace wearing them.

1. You won’t get distracted with fashion in the classroom.

When everyone wears the same piece of clothing, what is there to be distracted from, right? You won’t bother to think of asking your parents to get that pair of shoes that your classmate is wearing in the middle of a Science class. Students are at school to learn. Thus, anything that serves as a distraction should not be simply tolerated.

2. Instill a sense of equality among students.


Unhealthy competition about clothes can be reduced when students’ expectations of each other are the same. It takes the burden off both parents and students from having to keep up with the latest trend in order to fit in with everyone else. Wearing matching outfits will also instill in the students a sense of equality and remove economic barriers built by branded or fashionable clothes. Peer pressure? Not today.

3. It makes getting dressed each morning easier.

Honestly, there’s nothing more blissful than waking up in the morning and knowing that you already have a suit to wear. Being indecisive about what to wear takes so much of your time and it is better that you spend it eating breakfast instead! Moms and dads also have one less thing to worry about from their morning to-do list.

4. Enhance academic performance.


Wearing a school uniform will not directly improve your academic performance, but as mentioned, it reduces distractions in the classroom. Staying focused in the classroom is key to better understanding what you are learning and hopefully you will have all the As in your hand!

5. Foster a sense of belonging to your institution.

students in uniform

School uniforms can certainly promote the sense of belonging towards your school as you proudly carry the badge on you all day. It creates an identity among students and staff, while encouraging the value of togetherness and unity. While you appear the same with everyone at school, uniforms help to distinguish you from other institutions when there are outbound students coming to your school.

6. Reduce bullying.

Wearing a school uniform is not the solution to halt bullying, but it does help to take the edge off verbal bullying about someone’s appearance. Nobody will judge anybody based on the price or brand of the blazer or pants they wear since everyone is wearing the same white shirt and blue skirt which originated from the same supplier.

7. Prepare you to dress smartly for the future.

School uniforms place the emphasis on professionalism. Workforce allows everyone to have a  sense of fashion but there are still guidelines that need to be followed. Thus, school uniforms are a good practice for children to have a taste of professionalism in regards to their appearance as they have to appear smartly dressed on a day to day basis.

8. Promote better discipline.


You must be wondering, how do school uniforms promote discipline? Well, discipline is the practice of training someone to obey by the code of behaviour. At school, students have an array of rules that they have to abide to avoid going through punishments, and wearing the school uniform is one of them. To be a successful student, you have to be disciplined and wearing the school uniform is a good way to start.

9. Cost effective.

The idea that school uniforms are cost effective is debatable, surely. However, wearing a school uniform limits the purchase of everyday clothes. But more than that, parents have to spend money on uniforms just at the beginning of the school year and they could last for a good two years if you diligently give them a good treatment. A tip, it is best if you could buy one size bigger for your kids as kids outgrow their clothes really fast!

10. Count the days to... the weekend!

Most importantly, school uniforms set a reminder that you have the weekend to look forward to for playing dress up! All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, it’s true. Looking forward to quality time during the weekend is a good practice for a balanced society. Being free from school uniforms on the weekends will stimulate children’s creativity to express themselves through their choice of clothing.