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We are from the UK and planning to relocate to KL for 2 years. Our soon to be 5 years old is currently in reception year in the UK. We are looking for a good school (year 1 and year 2) for him. Don’t have any preference in terms of location or international/ national school but our preference is to have English-based teaching with plenty of exposure to Mandarin language as well. Our aim for the next 2 years for him is to get as much exposure to Mandarin language (hopefully will be a fluent speaker), however still having a strong English foundation learning for him to be able to continue school in the UK in year 3. Any input will be appreciated. Thank you.

mewlz 21 Feb 2017 1 Answer

Hi, we will move to Kuala Lumpur by end of 2017 and my daughter will be in Primary 1 next year 2018. We want Chinese education for her and of course English also, but not public school. We really want to send her to International School so she can have English education with native speakers for her being used to the native English tone and could speak close to the native tone.But if we send her to International school, we know she would have to give up Chinese education which we want to avoid. As learning Chinese as an extra language class is not enough to let her be fluent in it.Is there any private or International school that could help student being fluent in English and Chinese? Thank you so much.

Jane 06 Jan 2017 1 Answer

Dear Sir, My daughter is 5yrs old and is diagnosed with ASD (Austism Spectrum Disorder) since she was 3yrs old. Currently she is undergoing the following therapies – ABA therapy – 15hrs per week – Speech Therapy – 1 hr per week – Occupational Therapy – 1 hr per week – Playgroup sessions – 2 hrs per week We are in the midst of planning her education roadmap, and would like to find out if there’s any school in Kuala Lumpur or PJ that caters to special needs student (for both private and public). Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

zaidks 26 Oct 2016 1 Answer