Hi, we will move to Kuala Lumpur by end of 2017 and my daughter will be in Primary 1 next year 2018. We want Chinese education for her and of course English also, but not public school. We really want to send her to International School so she can have English education with native speakers for her being used to the native English tone and could speak close to the native tone.But if we send her to International school, we know she would have to give up Chinese education which we want to avoid. As learning Chinese as an extra language class is not enough to let her be fluent in it.Is there any private or International school that could help student being fluent in English and Chinese? Thank you so much.

Jane 06 Jan 2017


Hello! Thank you for reaching out to us. Most international schools in Kuala Lumpur offer additional language as part of the second language programme. International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) offers a variety of additional language such as Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, French and Spanish. Your daughter will be given as assessment upon registration to determine her level of proficiency and then, will be placed in a second language class accordingly. The classes are offered twice a week with progressive assessments to gauge your daughter’s understanding and mastery of the language. For more information on the school, visit this page

Taylor’s International School is another top featured school in the KL area. Like ISKL, the school offers Mandarin twice a week. The language classes are divided into three categories; basic, intermediate and advanced. As a primary 1 student, your daughter would begin in the basic level and progress as she enters a higher grade. For more information about this school, visit this page

These classes are taught by skillful and competent Mandarin speakers and so, your daughter is in capable hands.

Attending an international school does not necessarily mean that your daughter would have to give up mastering Mandarin. My suggestion would be to firstly see if these classes are sufficient to help her be fluent in the language. Also, try to balance communicating in English and Mandarin at home so your daughter will grasp both languages simultaneously. Asses her progress after a month or two and should you feel these classes are insufficient, you can consider enrolling her in Mandarin enrichment classes that can help her develop her language skills further.

I hope this helps.

Jane 09 Jan 2017

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