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Unveiling the Tapestry: Trixie Ng's Transformative Journey at BSKL

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Jan 03, 2024

Unveiling the Tapestry: Trixie Ng's Transformative Journey at BSKL

Trixie Ng's journey at British International School KL (BSKL) is a testament to the transformative power of an exceptional education. Stepping into its vibrant halls, she found an academic sanctuary that was a nurturing ground for personal growth, intellectual curiosity and global ambition. Her story, woven with threads of academic excellence, passionate pursuits and unwavering support, paints a vivid picture of the remarkable impact BSKL has on its students.

A Rich Learning Experience at BSKL

Located in a leafy suburb in Petaling Jaya, BSKL places students at the heart of everything it does. The school is also part of the Nord Anglia Education (NAE) family, the world’s leading premium school organisation with 80+ international schools in 30+ countries. Because of this, students achieve outstanding academic results and sporting success, gain artistic recognition and obtain places at the world’s top universities thanks to a learning structure tailored to their strengths, passions and goals.

BSKL fostered a vibrant learning atmosphere for Trixie. She describes her time at BSKL as “enriching and transformative”. The inclusive setting fostered curiosity and collaboration, which is evident in the state-of-the-art facilities and innovative teaching methods. But beyond academics, the unwavering support from the pastoral care team truly stood out. The dedication to each student's well-being and personal development created a nurturing and supportive environment.

“Whether facing academic challenges or navigating personal growth, pastoral support has been instrumental in my journey. For example, they organised a few cooking classes, which helped me gain some cooking skills before entering university,” Trixie shared.

The faculty at BSKL are not just educators; they are mentors. Trixie fondly remembers her Maths and Economics teachers, Mr Scragg, Ms Mcleod and Mr Biggs, who went beyond imparting knowledge by inspiring critical thinking and a genuine love for learning. “The personalised attention and mentorship I’ve received from them played a pivotal role in my academic success.”

BSKL's Higher Education (HE) team was crucial in guiding Trixie towards her dream of studying at Melbourne University. The comprehensive counselling sessions helped her identify the right course and programme, while the expertise in essay writing and admissions procedures polished her application.

“They offered assistance crafting my personal statement and essays, helped me prepare for the English entrance exam (IELTS), and provided valuable feedback to ensure my application stood out. Their insights into the specific requirements of Melbourne University were crucial in tailoring my application to meet the university’s expectations.”

The HE team even organised workshops on the Australian education system and interview preparation, empowering Trixie with the knowledge and confidence to navigate the complexities of international university applications. The support extended beyond the application phase, guiding her through securing scholarships and financial aid, making the process smoother and more accessible.

Trixie, who secured an internship at Deloitte as a Business Process Solution Intern, hails the networking events the school hosted for this opportunity. “Attending these events allowed me to connect with professionals, including representatives from Deloitte.”

The school’s HE team guided Trixie in crafting a compelling resume, creating an attractive LinkedIn profile and providing valuable information about potential employers, including Deloitte. All these led her to pursue and successfully secure this valuable internship experience.


Trixie's experience at BSKL has been marked by a nurturing learning environment, dedicated pastoral support, inspiring teachers, and a forward-thinking HE team.

Co-curricular Activities: Shaping a Well-rounded Individual

Trixie's active participation in co-curricular activities like cheerleading and the Malaysia Student Global Alliance (MSGA) significantly shaped her as a person and strengthened her university application. “In my university application, I highlighted the leadership, teamwork, and communication skills developed through cheerleading and MSGA. Admissions officers often appreciate applicants who show engagement beyond academics.”

These experiences honed her leadership and teamwork skills, taught her time management, and broadened her cultural awareness through diverse interactions. MSGA, in particular, provided her with a unique perspective on global issues and allowed her to network with professionals and students from various backgrounds, enriching her understanding of the world and showcasing her well-roundedness to potential universities.

“Being part of MSGA gave me a unique perspective on global issues, and I could articulate how this experience shaped my worldview. This uniqueness in perspective can set an applicant apart in a competitive admissions process.”

Acing A Levels at BSKL

During her A Levels at BSKL, Trixie aspired to study something related to business. Thus, she undertook a challenging combination of subjects including Economics, Maths, Physics and the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ).

The learning environment at BSKL was excellent, with amazing resources, knowledgeable teachers and a supportive community that fostered an atmosphere conducive for learning. The interactive and engaging teaching methods employed by the faculty enhanced Trixie’s understanding of the subjects, and the classroom's collaborative nature allowed for meaningful discussions and peer learning.

The result? Trixie achieved remarkable results in her A-levels. She shares, “I achieved an A in Economics and EPQ, showcasing my understanding and enthusiasm for economic principles and the ability to research and present a comprehensive project independently. I was thrilled to attain an A* grade in Maths, demonstrating my strong analytical and problem-solving skills in a rigorous subject. While Physics presented challenges, I earned a respectable B, reflecting my commitment to mastering a complex and demanding subject.”

BSKL  provided excellent resources, knowledgeable teachers and a supportive community that fostered an atmosphere conducive for learning.

Pursuing a Passion at Melbourne University

Trixie's decision to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce at Melbourne University stemmed from a deep fascination with the intricate world of business. BSKL’s comprehensive curriculum and exposure to business and economics courses during A Levels played a crucial role in nurturing this interest. In addition, the knowledgeable teachers, career talks, workshops and extracurricular activities all contributed to shaping her understanding of the field.

“The emphasis on critical thinking and analytical skills at BSKL also prepared me well for the academic challenges of pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce.”

BSKL's Impact on University Experience

Reflecting on her university experience, Trixie acknowledges that BSKL's rigorous academic environment, emphasis on critical thinking, and diverse and inclusive community provided a strong foundation for success.

The skills honed at BSKL, including effective time management, collaboration and adaptability, eased Trixie's transition into university life, both academically and socially.

The best part? Having experienced a multicultural environment during her time at BSKL, Trixie found it easy to adapt to the diverse student body at the university and engage in various social and academic activities. “It made me make many new friends worldwide from Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe, Canada and India. The collaborative nature of learning at BSKL prepared me well for group projects and discussions in university courses.”

Trixie now works at Lazada as an analyst.

International School: Shaping a Global Mindset

Studying at BSKL has profoundly shaped Trixie's worldview. Exposure to diverse perspectives and cultures cultivated a mindset that encourages thinking ‘out of the box’. Interacting with students from various backgrounds honed her interpersonal and communication skills, preparing her for challenges in academia and personal life.

“Working on group projects with peers from different countries and backgrounds taught me the importance of effective communication, empathy, and compromise. These skills have proven invaluable in managing stress and conflicts, both in academic settings and in my personal life,” she says

More importantly, the emphasis on holistic education at BSKL, which goes beyond academics to include extracurricular activities and community engagement, has also shaped her character – something Trixie appreciates.