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Boarding Schools near KL and Selangor

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Sep 12, 2013, 03:24 AM

Sunway International School

Sunway International School (SIS) is the premier private co-educational institution in Malaysia offering Grades 7 to 12 of the Ontario (Canada) Ministry of Education Secondary School Curriculum. The school is unique in Malaysia in being staffed by 100% Canadian teachers who have been accredited by the Ministry of Education Ontario (Canada) to teach the Ontario curriculum, providing students with native English speaking environment and a real Canadian school experience. (Read more)

 MAZ International School

 MAZ International School was established in 1992 with a campus in Petaling Jaya. Over the years, the school has grown tremendously and recently opened its full-boarding and day school campus in Shah Alam. The main medium of instruction at the school is the National British Curriculum and presently, the school has students from across 35 countries. (Read more)

 Kuala Lumpur Chinese Taipei School

The Kuala Lumpur Chinese Taipei School was founded in 1991 as an international school. Teaching is in Mandarin Chinese, and English is offered as a subject. Teaching materials are sourced from Taiwan. Taiwanese students are eligible for support from the Taiwan Ministry of Education, to the amount of 5000 NT for every semester and accident insurance of 80 NT every semester. (Read more)

 International Islamic School Malaysia

International Islamic School (IIS) was established in September 1998, the fruit of years of study by Muslim scholars from various parts of the world who taught in the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). It now has an enrolment of approximately 900 students ranging from nursery to A-levels. School emphasizes on integrated and balanced human development -- intellectual, physical, spiritual, moral, emotional and social -- based on the Islamic World View anchored on Tawhid (the unity of God). (Read more)

 Highlands International Boarding School

Highlands International Boarding School, is a co-educational institution that embodies the qualities of a classic British boarding school that provides a balanced, all round education through a culture of quality, nurturance and teamwork. (Read more)

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