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Future Proof Education with STEM & STEAM Learning

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Jul 27, 2021

Sayfol is dedicated to enrich students' learning experience and future though STEAM.

In a world filled with science and technological advancement, education has evolved from achieving high marks in classes into an education system that equips students for real world situations. In response to this ever-evolving world, Sayfol International School’s STEM Education is consistently providing our students the opportunities, experiences and career prospects in order for them to experience top-level education through science and technological advancement.

STEM stands for ‘Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics’. At Sayfol, we incorporate the 4Cs of the 21st century, mainly Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration. Each component is critical for students to be successful in a rapidly changing society.

We believe that each of these components does not only increase the head knowledge of our students, but will prepare them for a digitalized world where they are required to think critically, solve workplace issues, collaborate with others and create long-term solutions. In other words, STEM education enables our students to become innovators for the future in order to see significant growth and development in this world.

The most recent development in STEM education is the addition of Arts. The STEAM education has adapted various disciplines of Arts such as humanities, dance, drama, music, language arts, visual arts, new media and digital design. The introduction of Arts emphasizes on the importance of creativity and innovation for tertiary education as well as in future career prospects. Students at Sayfol learn the importance of becoming wholesome global citizens who understand how STEAM subjects intertwine. For example, with the pandemic outbreak, Sayfolians are required to combine critical thinking, art and science to produce information boards in order to educate their peers about the global crisis. Our students were also given the chance to complete wooden models in conjunction with the Digital Detox Week. By integrating arts into the STEM subjects, our students are eager to learn that their ideas can come to life when they engage their learning through an interconnected module that allows them to think critically, creatively and confidently.

At Sayfol, we encourage both technology and arts by making room for more time for such activities in their timetables. Every Sayfolian is given a scheduled planner to be creative and curious, which allows them to create their very own education journey. Examples of this would include hot air balloon projects, computer science projects, t-shirt paintings, geometrical art projects and many more.

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