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GEMS Tropicana Metropark Enriches Students' Experience Through Competitions and Activities

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Feb 22, 2022

To enrich students' experience at school, GEMS International School, Tropicana Metropark, holds weekly sporting competitions with the best facilities to boot.

Academic credentials and extracurricular accomplishments are essential for successful progression from school to university. Even if one has straight A's on paper, one's capacity to succeed in one's further education and profession and career may be determined by what other skills and abilities, particularly communication skills the student has. 

Our pupils are imbued with good traits such as teamwork, resilience and leadership in line with that of a Cambridge Learner. These ideals, which are supplemented by both academic and co-curricular programmes, help our students mature and develop their unique talent as well as their untapped potential. The ideal balance would be for our pupils to be at the pinnacle of academic excellence while still possessing the virtues necessary to become tomorrow's leaders. GEMS provides all pupils with access to this through the delivery of a high-quality TRUE BRITISH VALUES EDUCATION.

Every Friday, GEMS International School, Tropicana Metropark has an in-house sports competition during the House Activity period. Dodgeball, tag rugby, rounders, volleyball, badminton, and water survival are just a few of the sports in which students compete. This term, students were finally able to put on their boots, hit the pitch, and compete for House Points through numerous physical activities that emphasised their cooperation and teamwork skills after a year of erratic sporting schedules and multiple versions of standard operating procedures due to the Covid-19 situation. On this day, every student is drenched in perspiration and joy, with large smiles stitched to their faces and shouting loud choruses of cheer and pleasure can be heard! 

GEMS International School Tropicana Metropark

In the words of American journalist Howard Cosell, "The ultimate victory in competition is derived from the inner satisfaction of knowing that you have done your best and that you have gotten the most out of what you had to give.” In the end, everyone emerges victorious. Competitions encourage students to explore different options and tactics to come up with the winning formula. There is no one formula for all and there is no right and wrong answer. Experience is an important part of the learning process and is essential for developing well-rounded students.

GEMS Tropicana Metropark conducts many after-school clubs, CCAs and house activities as well as inter-school competitions. Students benefit not only from the high-quality education but they also get to enjoy the excellent facilities available at the School. Our spacious and multi-functional Multipurpose Hall is able to fit more than 500 people and is always the go-to venue for any indoor sports activities or competitions, assemblies, and end of year performances. 

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Students also get to launch off from the newly installed launching pads at our Olympic sized, FINA-approved 25m swimming pool. Astroturf Football Pitch, Rooftop Basketball Court, Fun-Sized Blackbox Theatre and many more facilities are available to enable an enriching and exceptional education journey for all students. Students can also use the newly installed launching pads at our Olympic-sized, FINA-approved 25m swimming pool to launch themselves towards the next Olympics Swimming Championship!  Astroturf Football Pitch, Rooftop Basketball Court, Fun-Sized Blackbox Theatre, and many other amenities are on offer to enable an enriching and exceptional educational journey for all here at GEMS.

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