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Holistic Education: Preparing for an Uncertain Future

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Mar 26, 2020, 09:39 AM

The focus of holistic education is to not only enhance a child’s intellectual and academic abilities but to develop their character as a whole. Rather than viewing education as a process of transmitting information from a teacher to a child, holistic learning encourages students to reflect critically on the world around them. This type of learning also develops social and emotional literacy, resilience in the face of new challenges and adaptability.

Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar (KTJ) understands that in an ever-changing world, education has moved beyond simply memorising and learning tangible skills, but rather preparing our children to face real-world challenges.

KTJ’s Principal, Dr Glenn Moodie, says: “If you ask the Google company on key skills relevant to the future, adaptability will be at the top of the list and this is exactly what we want to promote in our school. The dynamic world that we live in, coupled with technology, transforms business and jobs faster than the workforce can adapt.”

To prepare for this uncertain future, students are required to develop and enhance skills that aren’t considered as important in traditional schools.

KTJ’s Deputy Head of Primary, Mr Kris Davis, points out, “While academic achievement and progress remain a high priority, part of our mission is to provide a holistic-style education that encompasses more than just grades. We successfully help students to develop intellectual, social, emotional and physical qualities that they need to become happy and successful young people, prepared for a fast-paced and dynamic world.”

He also adds that this approach enables KTJ to successfully nurture and support children as they follow their passion and interests, while also helping them to identify new and exciting activities that they want to pursue.

“Our highly skilled teachers and support staff offer a wide range of opportunities that help children to find, follow and be successful, wherever their strengths or passions may lie.

“In addition to the broad and balanced academic curriculum that is offered, almost all of our students enjoy the opportunities that are provided as part of the daily ECA programme. The School is instrumental in helping to ensure students fulfil their potential in their academic studies as well as in other areas such as sports, dance, music, art, leadership - and many more!” he says.

The various programmes available at KTJ secondary and primary deliver high-quality learning without compromising on the overall growth of the students and range from academic pursuits to social initiatives. Some examples of these programmes include:

  • Environmental initiatives such as Eco-Warriors in primary and the Environmental and Sustainability Club in secondary, who have recently helped to install recycling bins around the school
  • Regular academic enrichment activities such as Science Week in primary, which included an interactive Nutty Scientist Show, to engineering workshops, guest lectures and law moots in the secondary school
  • Over 160 extracurricular activities across the whole school which include a range of sports activities, Model United Nations, Debate Union and Tech Club
  • A formal Personal Social Health Education (PSHE) curriculum in both primary and secondary, which focuses on developing skills and attributes to keep children healthy and prepare them for work and life
  • Regular outdoor learning opportunities including gardening and looking after rabbits in primary, to adventure residential trips to Mersing and Perhentian Islands for secondary
  • Annual school performance in primary and a House Singing competition in secondary to encourage creativity and boost self-confidence
  • Weekly visits from international universities in the secondary school, alongside annual career’s fairs and internship opportunities at global businesses

It is KTJ’s mission to nurture and inspire their diverse community of students by providing a holistic, British-style day and boarding education in a Malaysian setting. Their holistic approach to education and a wide array of extracurricular activities empowers students to become responsible leaders of a sustainable, global community.

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