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IGCSE Results: How Is It Graded And Appeal Information

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Aug 20, 2021

Here is a guide to the types of IGCSE boards and how you should conduct the appeal process!

The IGCSE Result for May/June 2021 had been announced on 12 August 2021. The basic understanding of obtaining good IGCSE results can help students secure scholarships and gain admission to their dream university and course of study.

IGCSE Grade Assessment

Traditionally, an experienced teacher marks the written exams, whereas a computer marks multiple-choice answer sheets. The examiners follow a scheme to standardise grading for all students. In addition, senior examiners monitor examiners for quality purposes to achieve consistency. 

There are two types of assessments conducted for June 2021: 

  • Student-assessed grades and exams. There are three stages to appeal to obtain a student's grade. The initial process is marking each component of the paper. Then the second stage is to add up marks with any other weighting such as coursework.
  •  The mark is compared to the grade threshold for that subject in the final stage, and a final grade is awarded. 

The pandemic has impacted how certain schools conduct their IGCSE examination. For the June 2021 Series, Cambridge had switched to a school assessment system for students in countries where exams cannot be conducted. The assessment methods vary by the examination board on how the IGCSE was administered during the pandemic. 

IGCSE Examination Boards

When a student sits for their IGCSE/International GCSE/O Level subjects, the exam could be based on various exam boards. Therefore it is essential to note the exam provider and the type of assessment offered by the boards. In addition, the evaluation of the examination varies by the exam board. This decision was due to the pandemic. The three mainboards are:

  1. Cambridge Assessment International Education: For the IGCSE 2021 June series, the exam series is monitored through physical exams or schools assessed grades depending on local restrictions.
  2. Pearson Edexcel: For the Pearson Edexcel 2021 June series, the exam is monitored through teacher assessed grades.
  3. Oxford AQA: For the Oxford AQA 2021 June series, the exam is monitored through teacher assessed grades.

IGCSE ResultsPhoto by Jeswin Thomas [Unsplash]

IGCSE Appeal Process 

It is essential to understand that you will not go through the appeal process alone. You will need the support of the school to appeal your grades and approval from the school administration is required. Students who sat for their exams independently may check with the exam centre that submitted their results. In Malaysia, most students sat for the Cambridge Assessment International Education. There are three types of enquiries for students who student sat for their examination: 

  • The first type of enquiry was clerical or administrative errors. The centre will determine this if such an error took place. 
  • The second type of enquiry, if it was more substantive concerning the judgement that the exam centre or school has made about the quality of the work produced by the student in their portfolio, will be used as evidence. 
  • The final inquiry is the "Review of Quality Assurance decisions." It is a "review" of Cambridge International's "judgement during the Quality Assurance process." The Cambridge International Assessment Specialist conducts it.

Whereas for Pearson Edexcel and Oxford AQA examination boards, the review of teacher assessed grades is divided into centre review and awarding body review. Based on the Cambridge, Oxford AQA and Pearson Edexcel, the result review is only administered for your results by the school or exam centres. 

Who Can Make The Appeal?

It is essential to note that candidates/students, parents, and legal guardians cannot request directly to review the test results. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to approach staff in your school to advise you if an appeal is necessary. Students who have always excelled in school and your teacher believes you deserve a higher grade should help you to appeal your grades. The procedure to appeal may vary depending on the exam boards.

Important Dates

If you are considering making an appeal for your IGCSE results, the following are a list of important dates by exam boards for IGCSE:

  1. Cambridge Assessment for International Education: For students who are awarded through school-assessed grades and would like to appeal, the deadline will be 20 September 2021. For students who sat for the exams, the deadline for IGCSE appeals would be on 20 September 2021. 
  2. Pearson Edexcel: The deadline to make an appeal for the teacher-graded IGCSE assessment is by 17 September 2021.
  3. Oxford AQA: For students who sat for the Oxford AQA June 2021 IGCSE examination, the centre review appeal deadline is by 3 September 2021. As for exam board appeals, the deadline is by 17 September 2021.

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