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Important Factors Parents Should Consider When Looking For a Primary School

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Dec 02, 2019, 07:41 AM

Parents want the best for their children, even more so when it comes to education. That is why finding the right kind of primary institution is so important, because it is the foundation on which their entire future career will be built. But how do parents go about finding the right primary school for their children? SchoolAdvisor had a chat with the Head of Primary at Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar (KTJ), Mr James Twigg, to find out more:

SA - What are the most important factors parents should consider when looking for a primary school for their children? How should parents go about shortlisting schools and deciding on the best fit?

Mr Twigg - Parents want their children to thrive in a school, and for the school to not only cater to their children's interests but give them opportunities to explore new ones too. Parents should, therefore, consider how the school matches their children's needs and how it educates the child holistically - through academics, sports, social and emotional development and creativity, within classrooms as well as beyond. Looking at the school's values and how they match your own is another important starting point to help shortlist schools.

SA - How important is visiting schools when looking for primary institutions for children? And what are the factors that parents should look out for when visiting the schools?

Mr Twigg - It is very helpful to see the school in action because you will get a feel of the school only by visiting it. A primary school should be a happy and vibrant place full of learning, hence lookout for how engaged the children are, the variety of activities they are doing, how happy they are and the relationship the teachers share with the children. You should also look at the school facilities and ask yourself, is this somewhere where you think your child will learn and enjoy themselves? If the answer is yes, then you should probably shortlist the school.

SA - What are some of the questions parents should ask prospective schools?

Mr Twigg - It is important to find out about the school's curriculum and how the school approaches the children's learning and experience. Ask about how the curriculum is organised and what extra-curricular activities and opportunities are available. A holistic education that focuses on the all-round development of children needs careful planning and thought, so you should also ask how the school develops the children's character, helps promote their strengths and supports them in areas they may find challenging.

SA - Why should parents consider enrolling their children at KTJ Primary School?

Mr Twigg - At KTJ Primary we provide a holistic education which enables children to thrive. Our values are integrity, empathy and mutual respect and these are embedded throughout the school, from primary to secondary, which help build our students' character. Come and see for yourself at our upcoming Primary Taster Morning on Thursday 12th December, from 9.15 - 11.30. This open event will include fun and educational activities for your children, an opportunity to meet me and our great team of Primary Teachers and look around our state-of-the-art Primary campus. We are also offering free CAT4 tests and wavered registration free for all attendees. To book your free place, call +606 758 2995.

KTJ is the region’s premier British international school with a 30-year heritage, providing high-quality day and boarding education for children aged 3 - 19 years. The primary school is a modern facility with two play areas suitable for different age groups, plenty of opportunities for outdoor learning and messy play, a highly trained local and expatriate teacher in every classroom, and up to 40 extra-curricular activities for pupils including sports and eco-club. To learn more about KTJ Primary, please visit:

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