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KYUEM Produces High-Achieving Students To Enter Top UK and US Universities

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Oct 15, 2021

High-quality education and thorough preparation at KYUEM have helped students to get into the best universities in the world. Read to learn more about KYUEM and how the College prepares the students for university and beyond.

Kolej Yayasan UEM, also known as KYUEM, is Malaysia’s premier residential college established by the UEM Foundation in 1998. Since its inception, KYUEM has prepared students to further their studies all over the world, including in the United Kingdom and the United States, to name a few.

KYUEM’s Principal, David Vroege, and KYUEM’s in-house Guidance Counsellor, Kasthuri Thilaga, offered their views on how KYUEM supports students entering their dream university and courses.

High-Quality Education At KYUEM

KYUEM’s educators are dedicated to helping students not only achieve their desired grades but also preparing students mentally and socially for life beyond A-Levels in top universities globally.

KYUEM’s educational excellence is reflected in the students’ achievements for their Cambridge A-Levels examination:

  • 92% of KYUEM students had achieved A*, A or B grades.
  • As many as 62% of students achieved straight A* and A grades.
  • 46% of grades achieved is A*, the highest distinction for A-Levels

The students’ results are testaments to the ambition the College has for its students. Many students head to the UK’s Russell Group universities, such as Oxbridge, London School of Economics, Imperial College and more. However, more and more students enter American Ivy Leagues such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, Stanford University, and Yale University.

The Principal, David Vroege, said, “We request at least 5As for SPM or IGCSE level from students enrolling into the College, including English and Mathematics, and we guide the students towards A-Level subjects that reflect their SPM or IGCSE strengths.

Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM)KYUEM's Principal, Mr David Vroege.

“Our students go through tuition with their peers, and they collectively develop their talents until they can match their results with their ambition,” the Principal wrote.

“The A-Levels programme has a reputation for its academic rigour. Top universities expect students to sit for Mathematics and Science subjects if they plan to apply for STEM-related courses. On the other hand, students who intend to pursue Humanities and Social Sciences will study Economics, History, Geography and English Literature,” Kasthuri wrote. “KYUEM pays attention when advising students on their course selection so they can fulfil and become well-prepared to apply to any universities in the world.”

This excellence extends to KYUEM’s educators, too, as the College is selective in employment. A mix of energy and experience is paramount at KYUEM. All staff have over ten years of teaching experience, and 50% of the staff hold postgraduate qualifications, making the teachers highly knowledgeable and experts in their respective fields.

Classes at KYUEM run at a capacity of only a 1:11 student-teacher ratio to ensure sessions run smoothly. All students are enriched with highly cultural, charitable co-curricular programmes, such as the SUMMIT or the Debate Club, that enable them to possess critical thinking and communication skills, fulfilling students’ potential as leaders on a larger scale.

Guiding KYUEM Students To Achieve Their Dream Universities

KYUEM has traditionally guided their students to enrol into top universities in the UK. But a percentage of its students plan to find their places in top universities in the US, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Hong Kong, and locally.

“We have University Relation officers who are dedicated to providing students with excellent coaching for university applications, including advising students who are applying to highly competitive universities and for courses such as medicine and dentistry,” KYUEM’s Guidance Counsellor, Kasthuri Thalinga, wrote.

Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM)KYUEM's Guidance Counsellor, Ms Kasthuri Thilaga.

The College’s administration teams band together to help the students prepare for the next stage of their lives: university. The College’s University Relations Team organises mock interviews and test preparation workshops for students who require them. In addition, KYUEM’s English Department assists students in writing their personal statements, guiding them to create a remarkable essay that will help them enrol into their dream universities. The pastoral tutors, on the other hand, meet students regularly to discuss and devise students’ academic and university application progress.

KYUEM has been established for over 20 years, and they have strong alumni numbers. Ms Thaliga added, “The KYUEM alumni are pleased to be in touch with the current students who are seeking advice from their seniors.”

As a full-boarding college, KYUEM aims to meet students’ university needs and the professions they want to pursue. As a mecca of pre-university education, the College instils a sense of independence, thinking and balances students’ stay with the necessary support they require on campus.

Kolej Yayasan UEM (KYUEM) BoardingBoarding houses at KYUEM.

“The transition from adolescence to adulthood must be navigated with care,” Mr Vroege remarked. “KYUEM has an accomplished track record in guiding students in this critical age range by developing necessary skills-sets and surround them in an environment where they can cultivate a sense of resilience and grow into independent and knowledgeable individuals.”

To learn more about KYUEM, visit their website at

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