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Preparing For The First Day Of School

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Dec 27, 2019, 08:59 AM

With the new year approaching, the school holidays are coming to an end. Now that the school is about to start soon preparations need to be done to ensure that the transition from the state of rest to hustling is smooth.

While some kids are excited about going to school and meeting new friends, there are others who dread it. Parents play a significant role in finding out the reasons why the latter behave the way they do and how to get them to look forward to returning to school.

SchoolAdvisor has some ways listed down to help such struggling parents and these tips apply to those entering new schools as well.


This especially applies to new students and helps them to familiarize with their new surroundings and not feel anxious when the first day of school arrives. It is also a good idea to meet their homeroom teacher because knowing the teacher in advance can help children feel better in a class by giving them a sense of familiarity. You can also help them settle into their new school by doing things such as taking a walk around the school, playing with them at the playground, having some snacks at the canteen, using the washroom and playacting with them like saying goodbyes when you would be dropping them off to school or playing teacher-student. This is to mentally prepare them for these situations and to get them used to the place.


Kids tend to get slightly moody as the holidays' end, so this is where parents must play their role in keeping the children feeling positive about going back to school. Ask them what they would do if they meet new people, by doing so parents will actually encourage the child in making new friends. Give them compliments when they give responses that show eagerness and friendliness. Children love shopping for new school bags, clothes and especially stationary and more often than not they are eager to try out them out when school starts, so this is a good way to get them all excited about school. However, above all, parents must pay attention to their own behaviour, since it will reflect on the child. As parents, it is best to keep your thoughts away from worries and anxiety about starting school. If you maintain a positive outlook, your children will eventually do the same.


Holiday sleeping hours are completely different than during school days.  Slowly get them ready for bed earlier and wake them up earlier as well. It can be gradually done by going to bed 10 minutes earlier every day and waking up early too until it fits the school hours. This involves everyone in the family doing the same to motivate the children because as the saying goes – ‘monkey see monkey do’, children follow the actions of the adults around them. And getting enough sleep is vital for children to focus in school and it also aids in healthier brain development.


  • Get a calendar to keep track of the number of days left to school re-opening.
  • Adjust the clock to run 5 minutes faster such that you always have 5 minutes extra in your hand to get them out the door for school.
  • Have their transport to and from school planned in advance.
  • Get their timetables from their home teachers and help them to pack early the day before school.


And so, it is their first day of school. When they return from school, have their favourite food prepared for them, ask them about their day and what they are proud of on their first day at school. Compliment them if they achieved something they are proud of, regardless of how small or big, because it will encourage them to do better at school in the following days.

Hopefully, these tips will help parents to get their children to not only be ready to return to school but be excited and look forward to it.

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