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Do you want to experience a cultural meeting of 40 different countries?

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Apr 23, 2019, 04:06 AM

     Paulo Coelho has said that ‘’Culture makes people understand each other better’’. What better way to break misconceptions and cultural barriers than to immerse ourselves in the culture of others.

     Taking part or learning another person culture can benefit individuals in so many ways; some of which can be deeply personal. When someone invites you to experience their culture, it can provide a moving experience that encourages celebration or contemplation depending on the individuals' experience.

     Especially in their formative age, children and youth should be exposed to cultures of various nations which is why it is one of the many unique selling points of different international schools. It helps students develop their cognitive thinking and broaden their view of diversity. It is vital to realise the variance in culture. In the age where migration across countries is a norm, we have formed a multicultural society. The people we mix with around us may come from differentcultural backgrounds. This is why the study of different cultures will broaden the view of many towards cultural diversity. We learn to appreciate other cultures and not disrespect them.

Why would a school cultural day be essential to mark down in your calendars?

It enables students to be culturally aware.

Discovering new cultures, language, and religion will help children to understand their classmates who may be different from them. It is a way to promote inclusion in any school.

Appreciating cultural difference is important .

Other than just being aware, it is crucial for children to learn unique and unusual about the culture of their fellow students; that comes from different backgrounds.

It helps students to overcome stereotypes.

When there is a celebration of different cultures, it will promote a new way of thinking and understanding. No one culture rules them all but instead that it is okay to be different and we can learn and still grow together in spite of our unique differences.

     If you have the desire to explore new cultures with your children. Join the Hibiscus International school’s cultural day where you will find over 30 nationalities that come together to learn, to share love, to have fun and joy, to set a good example of a world full of peace, goodwill, fellowship and friendship.

     Throughout this beautiful and delightful day, the school will be surrounded by international units, students, parents and dedicated teachers. They will be dressed in their traditional outlandish outfit, which will make this day more special and enjoyable.

     The Cultural day is complemented with finger licking, delicious Traditional Food Fair, intensified with the sense of generosity, traditional, cultural and international atmosphere. The ceremony is graced by some of the students and guests who will perform their best traditional songs and music.

Vanue: Hibiscus International School

Date : 27th April 2019

Venue : Unit 2, Jalan UdangHarimau 3, Kepong Business Park,

Taman Sri Segambut, 51200 Kuala Lumpur

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