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Early Years Foundation Stage Taster Day

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Nov 24, 2022

Early Years programmes delivered by highly qualified and passionate teachers who understand child's development, while providing an engaging and stimulating environment are proven to inspire the young minds to flourish and excel.  

It is important for teachers and any education institutions to find the right balance between an emotional connection and physical development. Young children learn through experience. They monitor and copy. Explore and create. Their capacity to form deep and lasting positive connection helps improve their social and emotional development. 

“We always knew that our child is a social butterfly. But he always struggles to warm up to his environment and end up be quiet and reserved.

“The first few days at Sri KDU, we were concerned that he would not be able to adjust to the new school. We are so grateful of the communications from his homeroom teacher and are glad with the school culture which is far away from the traditional schooling. 

“Another aspect of the school that we are extremely pleased with is the exciting co-curriculum and sporting activities that allows him to enjoy and explore. We are also happy to find out that the Early Years teachers are attentive to the students. There was one instance when one of the Primary students miniature project piqued his interest. The teacher would then prepare a lesson where everyone worked on creating a simple miniature project. 

“Academically, he enjoys and currently progressing in reading and writing wonderfully. He has also grown more confident and independent after encouragement from his teachers to participate in storytelling sessions and science exploration activities.”

Ms Faiz Alias, EYFS Parent.

Early Years Foundation Stage provides the foundations for children to prepare them for a lifetime of self-development that is necessary to succeed both in school and thereafter. Enriched with our top-class modern facilities, we share the interest of our diverse school community by offering activities that would foster budding talents and interest of the children. 

We have an indoor and outdoor play area surrounded by a variety of exciting stations for children to explore including, water play zone, book reading camp site, slides, sand play area and many more. At the beginning of a child’s academic expedition, play, social interaction and wellbeing are crucial. By providing facilities where children are able enjoy would benefit student to build on their fine and gross motor skills in a safe and happy environment.

Register NOW and join us on our special EYFS Taster Day!

Date : 26th November 2022

Day : Saturday

Time : 11.00pm to 1.00pm

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