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Find Yourself at ISKL’s Open Day This September!

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Sep 05, 2022

Is the purpose of education to gain knowledge or to be prepared for life? The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) believes that supporting students in developing 21st-century skills prepares them to succeed in their future. Alongside academic learning, the values of self-directedness, and the ability to think creatively, reason critically, and communicate effectively are important life skills that are integral components of ISKL’s learning principles and culture from Early Childhood through to Grade 12. 

ISKL’s purpose as a school is to prepare students for life itself, as it believes in helping students shape their paths, supporting them in discovering their passions, developing their competencies, and having an ethical impact on the world. Here, students aren’t pressured to conform but encouraged to find their voice and make their own choices in learning at every level, and ISKL’s role is to guide, mentor, and support students as they take on new responsibilities, face challenges, and learn to adapt.

Having grown to become one of Malaysia’s leading international schools, ISKL understood the importance of a holistic approach to education, as the school focuses on nurturing the individual instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. This is because every child learns differently, and ISKL’s mission is to provide every learner with the flexibility to choose the pathway best suited to their abilities, interests, and aspirations. Alongside ISKL’s world-renowned IB Diploma programmePRAXIS 2030 and Pursuits are two innovative academic options that offer our High School students even more study paths to choose from.

With an agile world awaiting our youths, families must pick the best fit school for their children. Echoing this, Julia Love, ISKL’s Director of Admissions emphasized the need for parents to ensure their school of choice is future-ready in every aspect. She says, “I strongly encourage parents to ask how the school will prepare their child for their future, how their child will learn and practice the skills they need for the rapidly evolving world that awaits them, and how these skills are embedded within the curriculum and everyday life.” 

ISKL will be holding its Open Day this September for parents who want to learn more about how ISKL’s approach will prepare their children for the future. It’s a great chance to tour the state-of-the-art ISKL campus, hear from the Head of School, Mr. Rami Madani, and meet some key members of our community, from our Students Admission Representatives (STARs) to our Divisional Principals and parents for a Q&A session. 

Head to to register for ISKL’s Open Day this September. We are looking forward to sharing what our school has to offer you and your family!