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How Oasis International School Nurtures Students For A Lifetime Of Success (Social Skills)

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Apr 22, 2022

In this Part 2, OIS highlights the importance of social and life skills for university application and in life. In OIS, the students learn these vital skills from a young age and are actively involved in various extracurricular activities.

In today’s world, students must do far more than hit the books if they are to succeed in life. Outside the classroom, students need to exemplify great character, strive to be a leader and think innovatively. Students at Oasis International School are a delightful version of this, thanks to OASIS’s resilience in nurturing students academically and socially. 

“We crafted our programs to help students develop those skills. All our students are put through a character development curriculum in elementary school and those classes focus on specific character traits like responsibility, kindness, and courage, but they also focus on social-emotional skills like self-management and social awareness,” says the school’s Director of Curriculum Rebecca Unruh.

With learning closely guided by teachers, students can quickly grasp the lessons, especially when they are putting what they learned into action. For example, whenever students experience a problem, they are encouraged to use their knowledge of self-management to learn how to regulate their emotions. 

In middle school and high school, students attend life skills classes that focus on social-emotional skills, practical life skills, and leadership skills. They will then have the opportunity to put all these skills to good use when they are carrying out projects throughout their time at school. 

From talking to the administration to get permission, emailing personnel, utilizing the budget, and many more, students will be putting leadership and life skills into practice, just like what they will eventually do in real life.

After School Activities

Oasis afterschool activities

Being a school for the curious, compassionate and driven, OIS understands the important part of the education process is to provide students with a platform where they are able to explore the things they are interested in, be it in sports, the performing arts or other extracurricular activities

“School is a chance for our students to not just focus on academics but also to explore their interests and talents. Some of the ways our students can do that is through sports and activities,” says Head of School Ben Hale.

With over two dozen clubs to choose from, OIS aspires for its students to pursue and thrive in their interests beyond academics. Students can explore these clubs and then if they want to dig deeper and be more active, the school will assist them.

“At elementary school level, we have after-school activities. After-school activities also provide a way for kids to explore interests like baking or things that are hands-on or less academic, yet physical and challenging to their minds,” explains Ben. 

Service-learning Program

OIS uses a service-learning program to mold students to be culturally competent, outside-the-box thinkers who are excited and equipped to make a change wherever they go. At OIS, students often participate in services within local and foreign communities.

Such has been the impact of the service-learning program in OIS where students take the initiative to act independently. Due to online learning for the past year, for example, students had experienced difficulties connecting socially once they were back at school. As a result, a group of students chose to ask to keep the classroom open and organise games to bring them closer together. Such endeavors clearly exemplify the effectiveness of the program.

“Other students decided to focus on other areas of the school they felt had a particular impact on them or their grade level. Some of them identify means across the school related to the environment, such as conserving energy or recycling,” says Rebecca. “We have Eagle week every year where students will do service projects. The older students would go out in the community, and they have carried out beach cleanups, as well as participated and worked with different refugee groups, among other things.”

Such activities demonstrate students’ ability to apply skills on matters that impact them and the community. There is no age limit when it comes to service learning. The OIS Service Learning Program expands from the 4 years old to the 18 year olds. 

Preparing Students For A Whole New World

Oasis Students

By providing all these opportunities that focus on leadership skills, character, and helping them think creatively and innovatively, past and present OIS students become citizens who make an impact in the communities they are a part of. 

While getting fantastic grades and enrolling in top universities is astounding, OIS demands more from its students. They emphasize character development and put adequate effort into nurturing students to become well-behaved citizens. 

Sending your child to a school is about deciding who you’re partnering with to educate your child. Ben cannot emphasize more on how important it is for both sides to work together to prepare children and to send them off in the right way. 

“As the head of school, I hope you will consider OIS for your child,” says Ben. However, he goes on to say that for parents, it's important to find a school that matches your values and what you want for your child. But don’t let the school system you want to be your only option. In this current age, students can attend different systems and still have a huge number of opportunities. 

Today, Oasis International School graduates can be found in many prestigious institutions of higher education all over the world such as NYU Abu Dhabi, the University of Manchester, Queensland University of Technology, the University of British Columbia, and many others. Thanks to the holistic education at OIS, students leave the school as confident and mature citizens capable of tackling any challenge, setting a strong foundation for their university life and the future.

Oasis International School has been found to serve as a crucial bridge to university, career and life.

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