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Sayfol International School - A School For All

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Jun 17, 2021

35 Years of High-Quality Education

Since 1985, Sayfol International School Kuala Lumpur has gained its reputation as an established academic institution offering quality education based on the English National Curriculum to students from over 60 countries around the world.

Our team of committed and experienced teachers provide a holistic, all-rounded education based on the assurance that teaching our students how to learn is as important as teaching them what to learn. We emphasise not only strong academic excellence, but also the further enhancement of our students’ skills in the performing arts, technology, communication, critical and creative thinking, collaboration and citizenship.

For an international school with over 35 years of Academic Excellence, we are committed to encouraging our students in reaching their maximum potential in a diverse environment in order to achieve intercultural understanding.

Our goal is for our students to leave us as distinguished individuals of exemplary character, who are ready to face challenges in a rapidly changing world.

With this, our Sayfolians from Secondary School share their experience based on their unique journey at Sayfol.

Amber improved her English skills at Sayfol International School Kuala Lumpur.

Amber Kim (Kim So-heon), Year 7

Hi! I’m Amber Kim, a Year 7 student from South Korea.

The reason I love Sayfol is because my teachers have been really patient with me, especially dealing with transitions leading to virtual learning. During my first 2 years at Sayfol, my command of the English Language was not good. However, after my teachers patiently taught me how to enjoy learning the language, I am now able to write essays at length as well as present my homework in English with confidence. In addition, I have found a great interest in the subject called “Global Perspective”. This subject has taught me to see the world from various perspectives and allow me to speak up about what I truly believe in. Most of all, my diverse and fun classmates from different parts of the world have made me love attending school every day.

Riya's academic excellence with Sayfol International School Kuala Lumpur

Riya Joisar, Year 10

One of the earliest recollections I have of Sayfol, and the one which I am most grateful for, is related to my indulgence in reading. I think my passion for writing and journaling blossomed due to the total enthusiasm of my teachers urging me to share my stories with the class. I was astounded at how I was able to captivate all my friends merely through my words, inspiring me to write novels at the age of twelve.

I have been given the golden opportunity to be the Head Prefect for the Sayfol community which added to my expanding record of achievements over the years. I was supported in every step of my way to exhibit my leadership and academic skills which resulted in many meritorious awards for being a high achiever in numerous subjects.

I also recall the way my teachers ignited my affection for Maths and sharpened my logical and numerical skills with competitive quizzes and inter-house Maths contests in Primary School. I competed in quick arithmetic tournaments and trained to win several awards over the years, and recently won an award at the Malaysian Abacus Establishment for the 8th level as the first runner-up. I have no one to thank but the humble and dedicated teachers and staff at Sayfol for driving me to achieve my goals.

Favour Olujimi, Year 9

Greetings! I am Favour Olujimi and I have been a student at Sayfol since 2012. From Kindergarten to Year 9, Sayfol has given me a wide range of experience and they have all been worth it! It is the teachers, staff, and my friends that make it all worthwhile. Teachers consider the students like their own children, the staff provide clean classrooms for students to learn in, and students make the class a place of laughter and joy!

At school, I had received meritorious awards in Commerce and English. During the Health, Fitness and Sports Week, my PE teachers pushed me to discover my talents in the 800m race and the push-up competition. I am grateful for my achievements so far! Thank you, teachers!

As part of my co-curricular activities, Public Speaking provided me with the skills to pursue this passion of mine further.

Explore the world at Sayfol International School Kuala Lumpur.

Jay Yoon SooBin, Year 9

I have been with Sayfol since Year 5 and I’m currently in Year 9. Sayfol has contributed a lot to my development not only with my studies but in my attitude and behaviour. I’ve greatly improved my English, both in speaking and writing. I had the opportunity to become a cheerleader in 2018 and joined a variety of sports during Health, Fitness and Sports Week. Not only that, but I’ve also contributed to the school’s production, namely The Jungle Book. That involved a broad range of skills such as enunciation and emotional intelligence. This has helped me with collaboration and teamwork skills with new-found friends.

Sayfol has allowed me to participate in various international competitions such as the Math Olympiad and chess competition. Our school prides itself in being multicultural, thus the situation has allowed me to learn about other countries’ cultures and traditions. I can now communicate and easily make friends with students from different countries and backgrounds. I am thankful to my friends at Sayfol who helped me to develop better characteristics and share more ideas. I would also like to thank the teachers because they have improved my weaknesses and have made me a better person. Teachers are the ones who created a positive environment for students to study and learn in, hence, they’ve earned my respect. I can proudly say that being a student at Sayfol is a unique journey. When I graduate from Sayfol, my experience here will be remembered throughout my life.

Cempaka Ixora, Year 11

Throughout my secondary years at Sayfol, I found it impossible to turn a blind eye towards the immaculate efforts put by the school in bringing out the best from their students. In these past five years, I've managed to add new successes and achievements to my ever-growing list of accomplishments. I've had the opportunity to host countless private and public events as an emcee, won "Sports Girl of The Year" three times since I first joined Sayfol, participated in several global scientific and mathematical quizzes, and been awarded certificates for top scorer in the grade. Last but not least is my biggest achievement yet – becoming a Head Prefect.

Academically, I excelled in all of my subjects and I have displayed massive improvements every semester. All of this was made possible by our teachers. Their perseverance towards creating a brighter future for the world is made evident through their teaching, which never fails to encourage their students to reach for the stars. Sayfol is an educational establishment that serves as a platform for young children to mature into adults who are ready to take on obstacles they will face in the real world. There is no room for worry here, only fun and learning!

Sports and health at Sayfol International School Kuala Lumpur

Kazuki Shibata, Year 8

I’m a Year 8 Sayfol student. My hobbies are playing basketball, parkour, gaming, reading, and finding fun facts about the universe. Before I came to Sayfol, I had never played basketball. However, I’ve picked up this sport at Sayfol and it is now my favourite game. The football field at Sayfol, together with its surrounding 200-metre track, is my favourite place to go during PE sessions and break time. There is a library where many people enjoy reading books. It is a very peaceful and calm place. The canteen here sells different types of food and snacks. There is a private bookshop within the school. It sells textbooks, exercise books, and uniforms. There is a school card system that is used for attendance purposes.

My teachers are well educated and teach a variety of subjects. Sayfol has changed me in many ways for the better. The buddy system that I was introduced to was where I found students to interact in a very kind manner. This led me to make many friends who have helped me in many ways up to this day. I have had a lot of fun moments at Sayfol.

Gain your confidence with Sayfol International School Kuala Lumpur.

Haley Gray, Year 9

I have been in Sayfol since Year 1. This school has played such a huge role in my development as a person. If I had gone to any other school, I don’t think I would have accomplished what I have here, such as becoming a Sports Girl in 2019, winning sports events, entering various art contests and designing things, which helped in my participative skills and confidence – all because of the encouragement I received from my supportive teachers.

At Sayfol, I am able to express myself creatively with all the competitions and events, and bring out the best in me when I play sports. I have made many friends along the way from Primary School up till Secondary School. They come from different backgrounds with unique personalities, which have influenced my character for the better. I developed skills that I never thought I was capable of, being the shy girl I was, such as leadership, good time management, and learning to adapt to what I have in every situation. Besides my friends at Sayfol, I have to thank all the teachers from both Primary School and Secondary School for creating a positive environment and pushing me to do my best. They are very passionate about teaching, and caring too. They are the ones behind my good grades as they have taught me well, pushed me to achieve my goals, and made me believe in myself. I am excited to see how I will grow as a person till I leave Secondary School and beyond.

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