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TigerCampus: Set your child up for success with Tutors from Prestigious Universities

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Dec 05, 2022

Imagine this, your child graduated from high school with a perfect grade. They will begin tertiary studies at one of the top universities in the world. As a parent, you’re overjoyed and proud knowing your child will be successful in life. 

What a great, satisfying feeling, isn’t it?

This dream can become a reality if you provide your child with a quality education from the start. 

Sending your children to a good school is crucial, but more is needed to help them succeed in their studies. Many students are unable to grasp and understand the lessons taught at school due to various reasons. 

In school, teachers often teach at a fast pace as they are required to complete the syllabus in a given time frame. As such, certain students may find school lessons overwhelming and, as a result, badly impact their learning. At home, many parents hardly have time to teach their children due to work and other commitments. 

Tutors can bridge this gap and with remote options available, they can help students catch up on and improve in their academics. 

TigerCampus - Online & Home Tuition Platform

At TigerCampus, you’ll find just that and more. TigerCampus is Malaysia’s top online and home tuition platform that offers students personalised and individualised sessions that they would otherwise not get in a crowded classroom.

This way, if the tutors see a student struggling, they can provide more reviews to help the child understand and succeed in the weak subjects. Conversely, if a student is doing well, the tutors provide additional topics for that student to work on. 

By getting such a personalised and customised learning experience, your child can learn ten times better than they would do in school and develop a love for learning. 

Former SPM student Muhdishvan said, “I always failed my accounting subject but managed to get a B in SPM. My TigerCampus tutor was supportive of a slow student like myself. She made a bad subject into a fun one which helped me learn much better.”

Learn from professional tutors

Unlike other online tutoring services, TigerCampus boasts professional tutors from prestigious universities such as Imperial College London, University of Melbourne, Monash University, and many more. So, no matter what curriculum your child is taking, whether it’s SPM, IGCSE, SAT, A Levels, etc., TigerCampus has tutors with outstanding academic credentials that are well versed in setting the right tempo for your child to easily master their subjects and ace their exam. 

“I'm so happy that we found TigerCampus. My daughter Reysa is so happy with the tutor. Mathematics was always a difficult subject for Reysa but she enjoys learning it now and is always looking forward to her next class,” Audrey said.

Besides home tuition, TigerCampus also provides an online tuition platform. This way, your child can connect with the best private tutors in Malaysia via Zoom from the comfort of home. The best part, all these online lessons are recorded. So whenever your child needs a refresher or if they want to delve deeper into their learning, they can always re-watch the recordings at their own pace. This helps them to absorb the material more thoroughly and remember it more easily. 

“My 2 kids began their online lessons for IGCSE. They have mastered the subjects at their age group and even advanced 6 months ahead of others. This IGCSE online tuition was worth the money and time,” Razlan said.

Get involved in your child’s education

When it comes to your child’s education, you want to be involved in their learning journey. TigerCampus has a standard practice where you can consistently keep track of your child’s performance and discuss their progress with the tutor after every lesson. 

“Their teaching has been well structured and the feedback from tutors via email after every session allows us to keep track of Hannah’s progress,” Lina said. 

As a parent, you undoubtedly want to give your child the best possible chance of succeeding in their education. TigerCampus puts your child’s needs before anything else. This is evident by its willingness to offer a no-commitment free trial until you find a tutor that is suitable for your child. After all, having the right tutor makes all the difference in their education journey.

This sentiment is echoed by Lina, a proud mother of Hannah who has excelled under the guidance of TigerCampus tutors. 

“We appreciate the free trial classes offered by TigerCampus prior to confirmation of suitable tutors for Hannah. Hannah enjoys her sessions with all her tutors. Their vast experience and lively personalities have enabled her to focus and be attentive throughout the sessions,” Lina said.

TigerCampus Extensive Resources

TigerCampus not only has world-class tutors but also tutors who specialise in every subject. So, the next time your child is stuck with their homework or assignment, you can get a tutor from TigerCampus Snap to help with their work. 

Scoring an A in an exam requires a lot of practice. You can give your child tonnes of practice, helpful study notes, and extensive guides, with TigerCampus Eddy. This platform is an endless source of worksheets, notes, quizzes, and academic papers for all ages.

TigerCampus is committed to ensuring your child succeeds in their academics and be ready for the future. Thus, it provides a platform that helps your child to learn and work on their programming and robotics skills such as coding via their coding club.

TigerCampus’s extensive resources and professional tutors make it the perfect online & home tuition platform for your children. You have the power to make an impact on your child’s education. So, get started with TigerCampus and request a free trial today!