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WE WANT U AT SRI KDU : OPEN WEEK (17 Oct – 21 Oct) Sri KDU International School, Subang Jaya

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Oct 05, 2022

Choosing a school is an important decision.

The balance between academic and co-curriculum programmes is instrumental to ensuring that students have the knowledge, qualities, and skills to succeed and thrive in work and life beyond school - the epitome of British curriculum.

Performing Arts are creative keys that unlock a child’s imagination, creativity, and confidence. Sports instil teamwork, drive, and perseverance. Maths boosts critical thinking; problem solving and improve reasoning.

Many schools rigidly focus on attaining excellent academic outcomes that they forget school is so much more than just examination results. The pandemic has accelerated and changed the learning method and in turn demanded adaptability and constant upskilling. Although this puts an emphasis on immediate response, a good school should still find the right gear to maintain a perfect momentum for students to grow and excel.

There have been many improved initiatives accorded to our students encouraging them to showcase their talent, explore various interest and develop knowledge and skills through engaging projects set around challenges and problems they are likely to face in the real world. We have had successful swimming galas, school camps, Inter-House, and Inter-School Competitions, and our recently launched - Project Based Learning along with various other sporting and extra-curricular activities that has brought much joy and happiness to our students.

In our relentless pursuit of continuous improvement, Sri KDU International School, Subang Jaya is committed to build resilient and future leaders by empowering them with strong academic foundation and holistic character development programmes.

As part of the awe-inspiring network of schools under XCL Education, we have opportunities to access high quality teaching resources and exclusive partnerships with various private education institutions – a benefit for our students to navigate future prospects.

Our membership with FOBISIA (Federation of British International Schools in Asia), COBIS (Council of British International Schools) and AIMS (Association of International Malaysian Schools) provide our students and staff an abundance of enrichment opportunities with the diverse and inclusive International School community in Malaysia and across Asia.   

Curious about what goes on in our classes? Give your child an opportunity to learn and experience the captivating Sri KDU International School in Subang Jaya. Be a Sri KDU student for a day – come and join our full day Free Trial Day!

Our Sri KDU International School, Subang Jaya Senior Leadership Team (SLT) will be on hand to greet you and serve as your guide during the school tour as they showcase our first-rate facilities, students' successes, and educational opportunities! At the end of specified days, there will also be an online session for parents to get more info about us.

With more than 20 years of teaching experience in International School setting, Mr Graham Tait, Head of Primary and Director of Sri KDU International School (Primary) will lead the tour exploring the different parts of Primary School.

Ms Cassie Fleming, on the other hand, who recently took the role as Head of Campus while still being the Head of Secondary as well as the Director of Sri KDU International Schools (Secondary) is open to dialogues on the exciting Secondary Pathways and Sixth Form.

Get your questions ready!

We Want U at Sri KDU (Open Week)

Date: 17th – 21st October 2022

Time: 9am to 2pm

Trial Class Timings:

Early Years Foundation Stage: 9.00am to 11.00am

Primary & Secondary School: 9.00am to 2.00pm

Registration Link:

The pinnacle of a safe, happy, and successful learning environment with top-notch facilities for allstudents while they are on their extraordinary, educational journey is a Sri KDU International SchoolSubang Jaya, promise.