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Why are more parents opting for KTJ Boarding School for their children?

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Apr 20, 2022

Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar (KTJ) continues to produce students who are well-rounded and that are able to thrive in university and beyond. Impressed with the KTJ boarding school, the parents share their views on how KTJ is helping their children's development.

Hogwarts is arguably the most famous boarding school, albeit a fictional one. Once you strip away the wand-waving and broom-riding, you’ll find there is one thing that real-world boarding schools can relate to and have in common. Boarding schools are a great foundation for a child’s growth towards adulthood. While universities can guide students to be experts in their field, boarding schools play a far more significant role. 

At Kolej Tuanku Ja’afar (KTJ), students are nurtured on the values of a British independent school that is infused with the vitality of Malaysian culture. By providing a harmonious and supportive environment, KTJ ensures its students experience a holistic education and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone while equipping them with various skills that would enable them to thrive in university and beyond. 

Boarding School Experience

In the hopes of giving her child the best education, Effy Mohamad enrolled her son Khayr in KTJ boarding school, and she couldn't be happier with the decision as KTJ has surpassed her expectations. 

“My son is currently a Lower Sixth boarding student and he has grown to be a responsible young adult,” says the proud mother. “As a senior boarding student, he sets a positive influence by mentoring others as a Chemistry Ambassador, a Co-President of the Sixth Form Committee and leading the Naquiyuddin House in various house events.”

Being a senior boarding student, Khayr will soon be entering the university of his choice. However, university applications can be tricky and, at times, overwhelming. KTJ strives to ensure their students get adequate support during this period. 

Once Sixth Formers are ready to apply to the higher education institution of their dreams, a dedicated mentor steps in to provide all the support or advice they could ever need. In Khayr’s case, as soon as he had completed his IGCSE exams, the Sixth Form Team guided Khayr in making the right subject choices for A Levels. 

KTJ Sixth Form StudentsKTJ Sixth Form students comprehensive package of support and assistance to build a pathway to success beyond school.

Thanks to the team’s vast knowledge and experience over the years, they provided significant insight into the undergraduate programs in the UK for Khayr’s consideration. 

Such a manoeuvre shows how much KTJ wants its students to succeed.

Benny, parent of Ming Hao, is equally impressed with how KTJ has moulded his son to become independent, mature and more disciplined than before. 

Benny says, “He’s been helping out with house chores; he’s no longer too dependent on his grandparents or us to help him out. He has also mastered time management and now knows how to spend wisely with his pocket money.” 

Ming Hao, who was previously a day student, only recently joined the KTJ junior boarding family. Despite fearing that his son might feel homesick, Benny was surprised when Ming Hao proved everyone wrong by adapting well to the new environment. It is largely because his house parents and friends in the boarding house have been of great help in ensuring he settled in well. By carrying out various activities together, they made Ming Hao feel included despite being the only Year 6 in the house. 

KTJ Junior Boarding houseHouseparents and students help new boarders feel at home in the junior boarding house.

Beyond The Classroom

KTJ knows that education should not be bound by the walls of the classroom and believes that experiencing the outdoors contributes to character development.

With over 100 extra-curricular activities to choose from, students can discover their lifelong interests and build necessary skills that will help them thrive in life. By participating in these activities, students will have the opportunity to compete in Malaysia and around the world.

KTJ Part Run EventKTJ provides a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including the termly KTJ Park Run event. 

“Khayr has many interests beyond academics and at KTJ, he can pursue most of them. Before the pandemic, he competed in the FOBISIA games (comprising athletics, swimming, football, and basketball) in Beijing and Phuket. He also participated in various district and state sports competitions and was a part of the school drama production ‘Moana’”, says Effy.

KTJ Football CompetitionA photo taken at KTJ’s annual House Football Competition 2022

For Ming Hao, he wasn't committed to sports until he joined KTJ. Now, he enjoys taking part in extracurricular activities.

“Two years ago on Sports Day, Ming Hao had a stomach ache while running track. Despite that, he was determined to finish the race, knowing he would only finish last. It shows the high standard he has developed over his time here as he used to give up easily before this,” says Benny.

A great boarding school is where students from different backgrounds gain critical academic and soft skills. Therefore, before enrolling your child, you need to ensure the boarding school must match the needs, values and aspirations of both you and your child. 

Effy is aware of this and wholeheartedly agrees that adequate homework needs to be done before choosing the right boarding school for your child. 

“It will be wonderful for a child to be allowed to discover his potential and areas of interest, so they will have the right experiences, skills and knowledge towards achieving his future aspirations,” says Effy. “The close relationships a child fosters in a boarding school with peers, teachers and staff will provide great foundations for their maturity into adulthood.”

Benny, meanwhile, admitted he and his wife made the right decision to send their son to KTJ Boarding school. 

“Most parents tend to underestimate their children, thinking they can’t adapt to new environments, but they are stronger than we think. For Ming Hao, we had an open discussion with him and sought his thoughts before enrolling him in KTJ boarding school,” explains Mr. Benny.

KTJ Annual House DramaA photo taken at KTJ’s annual House Drama event earlier this year.

This proved to be a masterstroke as both Khayr and Ming Hao are performing well in KTJ. Parents who send their children to boarding schools have a common goal - to see their children become independent and equipped with the necessary skills required to succeed. 

Altogether, KTJ ticks all the boxes. With dedicated teachers, excellent boarding culture and a commitment to student welfare, KTJ provides the platform for students to become well-rounded graduates poised for success and make it in life. 

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